Wednesday, September 18, 2013

We Said Goodbye

The walls are freshly painted and there's new, soft carpet throughout the house. We finally had the second bathroom tiled. We wiped down the cabinets for the first time in far too long. And we put the sign out front and waited for interest.

Blessedly, people were looking at our first home within hours of listing it. And we were negotiating terms with a buyer the day after the sign went up in the yard. We had heard that the market for that size home, in our area, was great. But we certainly weren't going to assume that would hold after school started. So we were thrilled to come to terms with the buyer. We prayed for a clean inspection and solid appraisal.

We got news that we were good to go and our closing date was scheduled. So we took the kids to the house one last time, the day before closing. They first ran around, exclaiming at how clean and fresh everything was. They said it seemed so small, all of a sudden, after living in our new home.

Then we gathered in the living room, finding a spot on the bare floor. We each said a prayer, giving thanks for the ten years of blessings and joy and laughter in that home. We prayed that the new owners would have years filled with the same. We each shared a favorite memory of the home. Mine was the year it snowed on Christmas Eve and then a few days later. It was a quiet, restful time as a family. We played games and just enjoyed each other. The kids remembered family celebrations and family nights watching SyFy original movies. We reminded them that we would still do those things in our new home, and so much more. But we all had a tear in our eyes.

A month to the day after we spent our first night in our new home, we said goodbye to our first home.


  1. It is too early in the morning for me to cry dang it! What an absolutely precious way for you to acknowledge all of the wonderful years in your little house. You guys are so sweet!

  2. Congratulations and may God bless you with good health and many happy memories of new traditions in your new home!

  3. Aw, that made me all misty! It's hard to leave the old place, even when it's the right move. My mom once told me that the only times she ever saw my dad cry were at his mother's funeral and the day they moved out of their first home. They had brought all their babies home there and it just tore him up.

    Wishing you many years of happiness in your new place! :)


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