Friday, September 06, 2013

7 Quick Takes: All the New

I did not mean to take a two month break from blogging. After my last post (we bought a house!) life took off at warp speed. So I will update what readers I have left via Quick Takes, the fun Friday meme hosted by Jen at Conversion Diary.

1. The new house is fantastic. Honestly, Travis and I sit down at night and look at each other and still can't believe we live here. We found the right combination of house and lot and price for our needs. It has not been without minor hiccups though. Our faucet started leaking the same day our alternator went out in our van, which was not awesome. Still, we feel very blessed to have found this home. We'll feel even better when we sell our old home. (Going on the market this weekend. Locals, spread the word!)

Ben is enjoying the new furniture, obviously.

2. Part of what contributed to my absence here was the start of school. We are at the end of our second week, already. We went on vacation the last week of July and when we returned we immediately set to work preparing the new house for move-in and the old house for sell. So the start of school caught me off guard, almost. I was scrambling for new shoes for those growing kids, school supplies, shorts to fit dress code, and oh yeah, my sanity. Lily started kindergarten and Taylor started middle school, with three kids in between starting a new grade. We were feeling very anxious about middle school, but so far things have gone well. In fact, Taylor has her first school dance after school today. I would love to be a fly on the wall for that, but will have to settle for a report when she gets home. I anticipate many more new experiences as we navigate this first year of middle school.

 3. Ben will hopefully have his first day of school picture soon, if he'll get on the potty training bandwagon. I really hope that happens soon. I signed up for piano lessons during the time he is supposed to be at Mother's Day Out! I've always wanted to play an instrument, and after watching Taylor at her first recital last spring I decided now was as good a time as any. I am hopeful that some of what I learned for voice in my choir days will help, but I'm not too optimistic. Taylor is excited to teach me technique, she says. Don't get  your hopes up for recital videos from me though--I'll leave that to cute kids.

4. Travis and I did something new a couple of weeks ago. Months ago my brother asked us to speak to his parish's marriage group about dating your spouse. We happily agreed, not knowing then that we would be in the midst of moving and just not paying attention to the fact that it was the weekend before school started. We felt a little stressed planning it, but it was worth it. We have both spoken at retreats, individually, and we did youth group things together, but this was our first real public speaking engagement as a couple. It was so fun! We enjoyed planning our talk, and the response when we gave it was very positive. I hope we get an opportunity to do it again.

5. Running is not new, but running longer is new again. All this year I have only been running once or twice a week, never more than three miles at a time. But I signed up for the Dallas Half Marathon in December again, so I have upped my weekly running. Not enough, yet, but I'm getting there. And my favorite running shoes don't have much life left in them, so I've had to search out new ones. My style was discontinued. I was lucky and found a pair on sale! Brooks PureFlow, which was not the shoe I expected to like. I'm still breaking them in, so I am hopeful they will feel good for distance running. And I was excited to get a fun, bright color.  Even more exciting was the super low price.

6. I don't have 7 things to share today. The future of this blog seems to be in peril. I will do my best to not let it die. What do you want to read about?


  1. Middle school dance! (You need to chaperone the next one for that fly-on-the-wall view!) New house, piano lessons, new RED shoes?! Love this update! :)

  2. My daughter runs cross-country. I think she just got a pair of Brooks. She'd never tried that kind before, but when she put them on, it was all over...choice was easy to make. May you have many safe and speedy miles!

  3. Don't let it die! I don't think you will. You'll get back in the groove. So glad to hear you're doing the half marathon. You are the one who inspired me the most!! I have mine in one week. EEEEE! Getting excited and nervous!!!

    And I'm so excited for you to take piano. good for you!! I just did something yesterday that I've been talking about doing for years - I took my violin to get it fixed up. It hasn't been played in . . . . 20 years? 25? GAH! I am old. I am going to start playing again. My daughter takes violin lessons and I want to play with her. AND play in church. I can't wait.

    Sorry, this was supposed to be about you. HAHA! I"ve missed your blog. Hope to see more of you know that school is back in!

  4. I am still here . . . reading and still wishing we lived in the same neighborhood!! I am serious - one day we will meet!

    I, too, am living a crazy life up here in PA - our calendar makes me dizzy and I didn't even have to move to a new house. My blog is being neglected and daily I think about scrapping it. Maybe God is trying to tell me to move on? Who knows.

    I know that I'd miss you if you were gone, but there's always texting and Facebook . . . you'll never escape me. :)


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