Friday, July 19, 2013

7 Quick Takes in July

1. My running shoes are being discontinued. I am getting ready to get new shoes, as I've had mine for a year and trained for and ran the half in them last fall. I go online to look around for color options in my preferred shoe only to find limited options, as they are no longer being made. I'm pretty bummed about this. Last year when I replaced my running shoes I tried on at least a dozen shoes before ordering the same shoe I was already running in. So, I'm not feeling terribly optimistic about finding something I like as much. But I must. I wear Brooks Green Silence now. If by some random chance anyone reading this has worn those and transitioned to a new shoe please tell me! I am excited to at least get new shoes, hopefully in fun colors. Love the way my Brooks feel, but they are kind of ugly.

2. We are going on vacation next week. (Dear Internet, please don't figure out where I live and break into my house.) We are going to Nashville for an ordination and then spending a few extra days. Deacon McGowan is a wonderful young man, and our kids really took to him on his last two visits to my parents house, so the kids asked if we could go to his priest ordination. And we said yes! Being around young men excited for their future as priests and about our Church is so soul-restoring. This will be the farthest by far that we have traveled with kids. I've been reading blog posts about travel tips with young kids. I'm loading up on new music. I'd love suggestions on music and ways to keep kids busy. And just general positive thoughts on the whole plan. We're renting a house in Franklin with my parents, my brother, and my sister and her husband and their kids. It will be fun!

3.School starts in five or so weeks, I think. Some of the kids are ready. I am sometimes ready and sometimes not. Having all six kids home all day, every day, is a challenge. My admiration for home schooling families has only increased. My young ones still nap every day, but the older kids don't, so I am needed all. day. long. It catches up to me. Monday night I fled to Starbucks as soon as Travis came home from his dinner meeting. I just wanted to be somewhere where no one was going to ask me any questions beyond what coffee I wanted. It was blissful. I'm so glad Travis understands my need to just run away sometimes.

4. I'm seeing a new hairstylist next week. I had been seeing the same woman for 10 years and she has always done a good job. I am just ready for a change. I am loving my hair longer, when I curl it, but I'm not loving it straight, so I don't know what I'm going to do. I can get my hair in the tiniest of pontyails, for the first time in years! Travis doesn't know what to do with me--he likes it short. I'm just excited for someone new to cut and color it.

5. Have you ever shaved your legs with baby oil? I kept seeing this on Pinterest, so I tried it. And I'll never go back to conditioner, which was pretty great too. Baby oil leaves your legs feeling silky smooth, not dry at all. And it supposedly makes the razor last longer, although I don't know about that. Try it!

6. So, one reason I haven't been writing much is because my thoughts have been consumed with moving. But I couldn't say anything until it was a done deal. We closed today! We found the perfect home for our family, and our situation, in our own neighborhood! A much bigger lot, a bigger home, and we get to stay close to our schools and all the things we love about this part of town.
Just part of the backyard! The playset goes with the original owners-we want all that space to play baseball!
An island! More cabinets! I wanted a double oven, but that was a luxury, not a need. This kitchen is a big upgrade from my current one.

7. Finally, allow me to get all mushy for a moment. And embarrass my husband. Five years ago we had five kids, a mountain of consumer debt, and we were looking at a declining housing market. Travis is a mortgage officer, so housing is our financial engine. He was laid off in November of 2008. We found out we were expecting our sixth child in 2009. We already felt crowded in our home and now we were growing our family. At times it did not seem like moving would ever be a reality. But, Travis never gave up on his work and never got down. He has actually seen the best years of his career over the last few  years. He led us out of debt and into a plan to save money to move. He has kept his eye on the prize and sacrificed many of his wants so that the kids and I could be comfortable while we saved for our future. We were able to buy this house while still owning our current home--we don't have to show our house while we live in it! He has done everything he can to make this dream a reality with minimal stress. I'm so blessed to be his wife and we are so thankful for the blessings along the way.


  1. It's amazing what you've done (not that I know any details) to make this happen! Great work and I'm SO excited for you. That kitchen looks AMAZING. And could I "borrow" Travis maybe, so he can do the same for me? Kthx.

    This wknd I needed to "escape to Starbucks," with all the questions questions questions! I didn't go, but the Mom? Mommy? Mom? It never ends. I can't imagine all day, every day like you do in the summers. Kudos. I bet you're really patient and graceful with them, too.

  2. Oh how exciting to move! We've done it many many times over the years so I know the hassle and all that, but a new house is just so much to look forward to.
    I hope you find a pair of shoes you can run in comfortably. I don't have any advice in this area, sorry.

  3. Congrats on the house.

  4. The new house looks amazing from what you showed us. And I have to say, I'm so proud of you both, you deserve this as a couple and a family. There are so many people now that live beyond their means and I love to see hard working people like you who get the things they want and deserve. Truly wonderful.

    Hope you have a great vacation, that sounds so fun!

  5. Congrats on your new house! What a wonderful accomplishment for your family. Not having to show the current house during the transition will make the process so much less stressful. We rented ours for 18 months when we bought our current house. But, we decided to sell it and close on Friday! Yay! Proceeds will go to our current mortgage as we continue to chip away to a debt free existence.

    My fave running shoes were discontinued 6 years ago. I have yet to find a comparable pair. So sad.

  6. So awesome and I am really excited for you! Those little sneak peeks of the house are gorgeous. :) And good job, Travis!

  7. I didn't get a chance to tap you on the shoulder or grab you after Mass, which might have been awkward anyway, but I was sitting two rows behind you during the ordination. It took me a while to figure out why your face was familiar and then to ponder what had brought you from Texas for Nashville ordination.

  8. So exciting on the new house! Hope you had a great trip~

  9. I just don't know how you do it all... and with such a great attitude.

  10. My spouse and i did not obtain to be able to tap into a person on the glenohumeral joint or maybe pick up a person soon after Large, which in turn might have been difficult regardless, yet My spouse and i ended up being sitting a couple of series behind a person throughout the ordination. The idea took everyone Buy Garcinia cambogia online quite some time to determine exactly why your face ended up being familiar then to help ponder exactly what got added a person via Colorado with regard to Nashville ordination.


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