Monday, March 11, 2013

The Truth About Bubbles

It is time to be honest and real about how much fun bubbles really are. An innocent, well-meaning mom goes to the store and sees the cheap, giant bottle of bubble solution. She buys a bucket of wands, to allow several children to play at once. She imagines the fun and laughter as the kids chase bubbles in the sunshine.

The poor, unsuspecting woman has no idea what's in store. She gets home and opens the bubbles and the wands. She's as excited as her children. Wands and bubbles are distributed. Initial efforts at blowing bubbles result in frustration. The two year old darling boy might have put the wand in his mouth, only to spit and whine because bubbles don't taste good. The five year old girl might want to try all the wands at once. The mom might now be wondering if this is really going to be as fun as she hoped.

A small bottle of bubbles gets knocked over. The wind blows the bubble solution out of the wand before bubbles are blown. Fingers are getting sticky. Fights begin over a wand, despite there being 20 to choose from. Mom might now be looking at the multiple puddles of bubble solution on the ground and thinking it is a good thing the stuff is cheap, since it looks like two kids will go through a gallon of it in less than ten minutes.

But then a bubble is blown and starts to float away. Shrieks of joy and laughter are heard as a boy and girl chase the bubbles that Mommy blows. Spills and frustrations are momentarily forgotten. Bubbles and sunshine are a magical mix and it really is fun.

At least until the next spill or fight.


  1. Frankly bubbles are only fun for me when I blow them for the kids. Because of all the reasons above!! Glad I am not the only one.

  2. AMEN!! I hate bubbles... I mean, I uh, rarely notice the magic.

  3. I love bubbles, so do my boys luckily.

  4. You speak the truth, my friend. And how did your baby get so "BIG"! ACK! Cute photos, despite the bubble fights. ;)


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