Monday, February 04, 2013

Hitting Reset

I got away for the weekend. I joined 10 of my college girlfriends in Oklahoma to spend time eating and drinking and catching up with each other, away from the many distractions of home. We rented a cabin and took turns making meals and some of the time we were all together and some of the time we did our own thing.

I needed this weekend. More than I realized as we were planning it. I've been in a funk lately. Nothing too serious, but I certainly have not been my usual cheerful self. I see myself as an optimistic person, able to see my blessings easily and gratefully. I usually don't dwell on the negative. My life is not perfect, it never has been. But it is filled with more good than one girl deserves, for sure. And I had somehow lost sight of that. All I could see was my frustrations and the things I wish were better or different.

We should always look at our lives and see where we could grow and change in a positive way. We shouldn't excuse vice and apathy. But we shouldn't wallow in negativity either. I don't think I was at that point, but it felt like it was getting close.

So I stole away with my girlfriends. And my soul was restored and my heart filled. We shared our struggles and our triumphs. We acknowledged the good and the not great. And I have come away feeling more like myself. And even more grateful for this charmed life I live.

 (Wine is The Middle Sister, Wild One, a delicious Malbec. Book is called Live by Night and is fantastic. Cabin was called Hidden Acres, managed by Hidden Hills Cabins in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. I can't say enough about how gorgeous the cabin was and how happy we were with the whole weekend.)


  1. That sounds truly amazing. I'm SO very glad you were able to get that break. xo

  2. So, so nice! That is my dream, to get away with friends and recharge. I've been trying to plan it forever but no one can ever go with me, so I'm sort of thinking of giving it up -- but after hearing how great it was for you, maybe I'll keep trying! glad you were able to have the break. :)

  3. Oh how fabulous! Girlfriends are good for the soul. My family has a little place at Grand Lake in OK, and I haven't been in years, but your photo totally makes me nostalgic for those long weekends in the sun and and water.

  4. I'm so glad you had a good weekend, those times with good friends do help us stand back and re-look at our own lives. We gain a new perspective and become re-energized.

  5. Sounds like it was just what you needed. How lovely!

  6. LOVE!!! I have not been without a child even 1 night since my first was born almost 10 years ago. I have been craving that kind of space. I'm so glad you got it!

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