Thursday, January 17, 2013

You Are What You Eat?

I think I wrote a while ago about changing the way I eat. Or I have at least mentioned it. While training for the race, I really tried to eat "clean" as much as possible. For me, that meant lots of grilled chicken, steamed or roasted vegetables, protein smoothies, and the like. I had a cheat day or cheat meal once a week, usually for tailgating, but even then, I tried to keep it in reason.

I didn't ask my family to eat clean along with me. Of course, I prepare a lot of the meals in the house, so I did switch us to turkey bacon and brown rice. I tried to cut back on starchy fillers for meals, even though we were already eating minimal amounts anyway. I felt really good. I lost weight, but I wasn't starving myself.

After the race, I got off track a little bit. I let myself eat more indulgently, more often. I still made good choices a majority of the time, but I just wasn't as vigilant. And I could tell, in my moods, my energy level, just in general.

So this year I want to focus on eating healthfully for good. Not just as part of a training regimen. As a lifestyle. I'm there, in some aspects. In order to do something like this, to really change, you have to know why you're doing it. I'm still figuring that out. Obviously my own health should be the main reason, I just have to get there mentally.

So, for food resolutions:

1. Drink more water! I have so much room for improvement here. I drink a lot of unsweetened iced tea, which isn't bad, but I need to drink more water.

2. Plan meals, especially lunches. I eat lunch out a lot--grilled nuggets and fruit from Chick-fil-A or a burrito bowl from Chipotle most often. I need to eat at home more.

3. Try new foods. I have so many silly food issues and I need to just get over it.

4. Juicing. I've borrowed a juicer to see if I like it, and I want to make it a regular part of our diet. Travis and I don't get near enough vegetables and fruits.

5. Keep up the good habits I've already developed.

What are you doing in the kitchen this year that's different?


  1. Good for you - eating clean in America seems like it would be easy, but I found it a challenge when I was doing it. Then I got pregnant - again - and I fell off the wagon pretty hard. I'm getting back on, though, because I really did feel much better. I've bought a share in a local organic farm and starting in the spring they will deliver a weekly box of fruits, veggies, and herbs. I'm so excited - it's local and organic and best of all, it's delivered!! Now if they could throw some milk and diapers in there I'd be all set! :)

  2. I got a juicer for Christmas. I really like it. I've surprised myself by making mostly green juices!

  3. I've been juicer for a year and a half now, so if you ever have any questions, I'd be happy to help out! I truly believe it has been the key to my not falling off the wagon (and I don't consider a random departure from my normal eating a cheat, it just is part of what I ate that day). Good luck to you!

  4. You can make "Chipotle" at home and it's pretty healthy for you. Here are the recipes I use.
    Haven't worked out one for the chicken yet. But you can have these with/over a salad, and tomatoes are good for you in all kinds of ways...beans are also a healthy food and let you stretch the meat by not using as much of it. Plus YOU control the salt and sugar (and the spice).

  5. I've been notorious for having the most unhealthy vegetarian diet ever (mostly straught carbs)and for being a horrible cook, but now that I have more time to invest in thinking about what I eat, I've been putting a lot more effort into transitioning into a healthier, more "real" foods eating lifestyle. Sugar gives me headaches and I never ate fast food or soda, but I can't believe how much better eating multiple fruits and vegetables a day, cooking meals at home and eating leftovers, and severely cutting back on diet coke and white grains makes me feel. I've been making smoothies often, and I've loved all of the meals I've been trying out of my new "Big Vegan" cookbook (although I know you're not vegan). Good for you, your motivation inspires me to keep trying to change my own habits- I'll be sending healthy eating vibes your way. :)


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