Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Just Write: Holding On

My baby is closer to three years old than two now. This is him, playing with coins behind the blinds. I was sitting in bed, watching Downton Abbey. He was creating a little world behind those blinds. He didn't need me to play with him. He just wanted to play near me. So tremendously cute.

We let him be a baby, still. When he lets us. Sometimes he is all "I do it myself! I big!" And so we let him try to buckle himself and get out of the car by himself. But then he comes to me in the morning and says "I lay down to you," and I melt. Right there. A little puddle of Mommy. (The baggy pants kill me dead.)

Travis comes home and covers him in kisses and they wrestle and tickle and laugh. We say "Are you the baby?" and he says "No, I Ben." And he is. The baby. And Ben. We definitely let him get away with things we shouldn't. We aren't pushing him to potty train or sleep in a big bed or any of those big kid things. We're holding on. Trying to draw out the baby-ness as long as we can.

He sings silly songs. He says "balloonie" instead of "balloon." He yells "I love you" at me. And just now he came in begging for candy. And if I had some he could eat, I would totally give it to him. How could I not?

Just Write with Heather of the EO


  1. Our baby Benjamin is 'the baby' too, and we love it! The whole family dotes on him, except Linus, LOL!

  2. Aw, baby Ben, such a cutie! Hang on, Momma! I know this is a strange place for you to be, but I know it's good too. xo

  3. Hi
    He is to sweet. It reminds me of my oldest son when he was about Ben's age. He used to say that everything yellow was as blue as a banana! Glad I found your blog at Just Write!
    Love to you

  4. Come on, have another one ... all the cool people have 7 kids . . . ;-)

    You know I'm just kidding you -- we've talked about this before. It's hard to be at the end of something, but with kids, it's always the beginning of something else too.

    And he is super adorable, too . . . but you already knew that. :)

  5. This is really nice, makes me smile. Last weekend I took a similar photo of my 12 year old staring out of the skyway to the street downtown. Every time I take one of those candid photos, I can't help but think to myself; "It's hard to believe some day I will look at this picture and remember how small he was."


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