Monday, January 21, 2013

I Pinned That . . . And I Made It

Happy Monday friends! I'm guessing most of us are big fans of Pinterest. And I am guessing that we're all guilty of pinning things that we swear we will make or do or read or whatever, and then not following up. I use it primarily for meal planning/food and for fitness pins. I thought I would share some food pins that I have made and our family has enjoyed.

I made these with ground turkey. So good. We had them with salad and vegetables one night. I made a ton, so I froze the rest. We had those with spaghetti the next week. Everyone liked these.

I have a sweet tooth, my kids need snacks, this was much needed. I made one batch without Greek yogurt and the kids thought they were still good, but I made a second batch with it and liked them better. A big hit for the family.

Source: via Nicole on Pinterest

So easy to make, and so tasty. I love having one of these in the evening, when I want something sweet but I don't want to wreck all my hard work. And a great use for overripe bananas.

I don't love eggs, but I know they are a great food for health. I made these and really liked them. And my kids loved them, they had them for a snack more than once. I did buy silicone muffin cups to make them, but that is not necessary.

If you've found any recipes lately that you love, share in the comments! We all can use  new ideas.


  1. It all looks really good!

  2. I have been wanting to try the egg 'muffins' but I have so many recipes I've been wanting to try, they're on a wait list. I'll bump them up though, now that someone I trust likes them! My favorites from Pinterest have been cauliflower pizza crust, kale chips, and a totally unhealthy pizza dip that was the first appetizer to disappear at a superbowl party. We've gone (mostly) gluten and dairy free, so the first two come in handy and I use non-dairy mozzarella-style "cheese" for the pizza crust.

  3. Those chocolate cupcakes look awesome!

  4. Ok now it's 11pm and I'm hungry!

  5. Just re-pinned the last one, I need to make those! And I just pinned those meatballs the other day, I need to make those. Yum!

  6. Okay, I am pinning the meatballs and egg muffins right now. Yum! Also, you should add your post to my link-up today. It is for sharing pinterest pins we actually make. :-) Here's the link :-)

  7. you've got me STARVING!

    xo em


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