Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello Blissdom Friends!

I'm hoping to figure out how to make this post stay at the top for a week or so, for anyone visiting for the first time from Blissdom. So, if you are a regular reader you can scroll down and find new content, hopefully (but not until Friday, at the earliest, where I hope to post about What It's Like: When I'm Gone). Since I'm techno-lame it might not work.

What an introduction!

Welcome new readers! I thought I would just share some of my favorite posts to help you get to know me and my writing. I'm so grateful you're taking time to visit my space on the internet and hope you'll return.

I've been joining in the Just Write carnival hosted by Heather of the Extraordinary Ordinary fairly consistently. It is really opening up a new way of writing for me and I'm hoping to grow this side of me more. One of my favorite posts from this exercise is The In Between.

Next I want to lead you to a post I wrote about a dream coming true. You see, I am a die-hard baseball fan. A Texas Rangers fan to be specific. (If you follow me on Twitter you're sure to be annoyed by my sports tweets at some point over the coming baseball season.) My love of baseball started young when I just wanted to hang out with my dad. In 2010 I got to take him to see the Rangers in the World Series! Something I never thought would happen. You can read all about it here.

Finally, I've been writing my own little series about life with six kids. I am still sometimes surprised by my life so I thought I would share some things about our family and how we make it work.  I've written about marriage, going out in public, driving a giant (no, really, 15-passenger!) van, and feeding all of us.

I've also updated my About page, so hopefully you'll feel like you "know" me from reading. Of course, hopefully we already met in person at Blissdom!
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  1. Nicole,
    I enjoyed lunching with you. Enjoy your bliss!


  2. My Blogger layout let me add a widget at the top of the page and I put the text that I want inside the widget manually (using the Layout Edit) so that it stays at the top. You can check it out on my blog, right now I have a mention of my essential oils store in that area.


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