Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just Write: Grouchy

Oh my word am I grouchy this morning. The kind of grouchy that has no rhyme or reason, that started the instant my eyes opened. The kind of grouchy not helped by someone screaming at the wind and someone else admonishing their brother for an imagined offense.

It is so frustrating to feel this way and  know there is no reason for it.  And even if there was reason for it, aren't I mature enough to not give in to it? Whose life or day is improved by my petulance? Certainly not mine.


Perhaps I will soak up the grouchiness in a book or a nap or both. Five of the six kids go to school today and I surely won't punish the baby (yes, nearly 21 months old, but don't you dare tell me not to call him baby) with my poor attitude. I'll seek out little bursts of happy and good and let them build up until there is no room for grouchy.

To start: I ran 3 miles Sunday and did a 30 minute workout at home yesterday. That is good. The family loved dinner last night. That is also good. I bought the new EP from All Sons and Daughters. Good.

Slightly less grouchy already.

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  1. I have this happen about once a month or so. I know I'm being irrational when it comes, but I can't seem to stop it.

  2. I've been that way for a while. I've gotten pretty good at faking it until I forget that I'm faking.
    I hope your day gets better. Also, it's been less than a year since i stopped calling our 3 and 4 year old "the babies".

  3. I think it helps to "just write" it out, doesn't it? Amd 21 months?!?!? NO WAY!!!

  4. hopefully all your good focus worked and you are feeling much less grouchy now. We all have those kinds of days, days when nothing seems right from the get-go.

    And 21 mos. is definitely still "baby". I collectively refer to the two little girls as "the babies" all the time. And no one contradicts me because they fear for their well-being. ;)

  5. We still refer to the 2 y/o as The Baby. Hope your week is going better!

  6. My daughter is going on 4 - and she is my baby.

    Ah! We are definately turning into our mothers.



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