Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Well

Linking up to Just Write again. Thanks for the push Heather!

So I've done this little writing exercise four times now. And I've enjoyed every one. I've felt inspired and challenged and the words have come fairly easily. Until today.

Yesterday was a day of elation, in my sports world. A day of guilt in my mom world. I was at a riveting playoff baseball game and my 9 yo daughter was home, puking. Thank goodness our sitter was a friend from church with grown kids of her own. She handled it all and told us we better not leave the game. So we didn't. It was a great game. I thought maybe I would write about that.

Today I took cupcakes to my 10 yo daughter at school. Her birthday was yesterday. We celebrated Sunday. She got her ears pierced. I am feeling wildly unprepared for this stage of parenting. This is when we all start to remember the hurts and petty jealousies that people can thoughtlessly inflict on each other. So my heart hurts a little bit already, before it even begins. Lord, help me be the Mom she needs.

I didn't know what I would write today. I still don't know what I want to write. I have words somewhere, waiting to get out. Maybe I need to step away to find them.

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  1. Your blog posts are great. Hope the pukey kid is better. That can be rough. Hug the 10 y/o every day. That always makes it better.

  2. Today was a hard writing day for me too, had to really tug them out of my heart.

    And boo to the sickies. Hope she's feeling better and that it's doesn't spread!

  3. So you saw the grand slam?????

    And the words will come when and how they need to. Trust me. :)

    Hugs, girl!

  4. This post is lovely, though once you mentioned cupcakes it was all I could think of!


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