Monday, May 02, 2011

Quirks R Us

Hello!  I might be the worst blogger on the planet. 

Recent conversations and events have brought some of my quirks out of the woodwork.  And since I want you readers to feel like you really know me, I figured I would share them with you.  You may never read here again, but at least you'll feel like you really knew who I was.

First, and of most interest to people it seems, I have food issues.  They are really kind of diverse and hard to explain.  The most obvious is that I don't like most of my food to touch.  I don't want crumbs in my ice cream and I don't want soggy cake.  I don't like the juice from my vegetables to run into my mashed potatoes or my roll.  Travis tells people I drink hot water and pour coffee beans into my mouth instead of drinking coffee, which is obviously ridiculous but perhaps telling.  I try to keep my issues to myself though.  I have major texture problems.  It means I skip out on a lot of food that is probably delicious.  I don't do shellfish or just about any seafood.  I have started at least trying things to be sure I don't like them.  Someone asked if my kids have these same issues, especially the food touching.  I said I didn't know because I always prepare their plates and I make sure nothing touches!  I might be setting them up for their own issues. 

When Travis and I were dating he was in a band.  I would go to the shows because I was lovestruck and thought it was cool.  After the shows the guys would naturally want to go eat.  Many times IHOP was the only option.  My food issues really showed up there.  I wanted a bagel and a soda, but those things don't go together.  So I also ordered french fries (to go with the soda) and a coffee (to go with the bagel).  Weird.  But if we were to eat out together in a restaurant most of you might never know of my issues. And if I was a guest in your house you definitely would not know about them if I could help it. I do have manners after all.

I am also particular about how I take my soda.  I prefer to drink Coke Zero, poured out of a cold can over no ice in a glass cup, unless it is mixed with something and then over ice. I really don't like drinking soda over ice from a bottle or can if it is not already cold though.  The only exception to this is sometimes Dr. Pepper, but I rarely drink that anymore.  I pretty much don't like soda from a bottle at all.  And iced tea must always be brewed and unsweetened, not ever from a fountain.

What else makes me quirky?  Whenever I finally get around to taking a shower, I must put on makeup and blow dry my hair.  It might be 7:00 p.m. and I might have no intention of leaving my house, but I will go through the whole getting ready process.  The only time I don't do the makeup is if it is very late at night, but I will still blow dry my hair.  I can't wake up with hair that dried overnight--total disaster, even if I know I will not leave the house the next day.  And let's be honest, I'm leaving the house most days at some point, with six kids and four sports teams and so on. 

Oh, here is an old man quirk (I say this because my dad does it).  If I'm taking a nap in the afternoon, I like to have the television on at a very low volume.  I really only have it on if there is a baseball game though, otherwise I am normal and just turn the darn thing off.

I don't think this is a quirk so much as an addiction but I get a large unsweetened iced tea at Sonic every day before I pick up the kids.  Every day.  I don't know if I could get through the afternoon without my giant cup of goodness.

I know there is more, but I can't seem to think of it right now.  What quirks do you have?  Do you own them proudly or try to hide them?
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  1. I cannot eat lunch without eating breakfast first. If it's 11:00 and I'm just getting up (usually on vacation), I must have a bowl of cereal or a coffee or something to count for breakfast before I can think about eating something lunch.

    Good for you for wearing yours proudly.

  2. No, I don't have any, but I enjoyed reading yours!

  3. i have food issues too. i can't eat meat that is still on the bone. also, ground meat freaks me out, unless it's in cheeseburger form.

    thanks for sharing yours!

  4. Fiver has major food touching issues. He can't do anything like a casserole because it contains more than one food mixed together. No one else seems to have food touching issues, but Rob does like to eat only one food at a time. eg: he will eat all his veggies first, then potatoes, then the meat.

    I have zero food problems which is probably a big enough problem on its own. ;)

    I do have tons of quirks though -- maybe I should do my own quirky post . . . :)

  5. Um, I love this post. I have lots of little quirks and sometimes think if others knew about them they'd think I was a weirdo (but perhaps most people have quirks and, like you and I, keep them to themselves?)

    I like a LOT of ice in my drinks.

    I know this is terribly wasteful, but after I've done the dishes I'll leave the faucet running because I like the background noise while I'm still in the kitchen.

    While driving, I must have some sort of air current in the car -- either from a rolled-down window or the vents.

    And I don't feel fully dressed if I don't have earring on :)

  6. ohmygosh. i'm completely crazy.

    you have NO idea :-)

    i do not mix food. food must not touch and i eat all of one type of food before i start the next type of food.
    i also eat all colors of m&ms separately.

  7. You are so cute, Nicole. :) I don't think I have food issues, really, but I'm sure I have quirks! One is that I don't like to back track when walking or driving -- I'd prefer that my "trail" is a nice wide circle, so sometimes I'll drive around to enter my subdivision thru the back entrance, if I left thru the front. It's gotten better as I've gotten older/lazier, but I still think about it.

  8. I have tons. I wrote about them a while back.

    And I don't like hot soda poured over ice either. It melts the ice and then it is all watery.

  9. Hi, I just clicked over to your blog from JoLynns blog! I live in East Texas & I have tons of food & I just might be destined to be friends ;)

    I will not put any type of potatoes in my mouth because I can't stand the texture....but I will eat McDonalds french fries because I tried them & they don't seem to taste or feel like a potato!

    None of my food can touch.....i build dams to keep my food from touching! I don't like to drink from glass if I am drinking a soda....I prefer my coke at room temperature if I am sick.

    It is the Sonic ice!!! Love that stuff! I don't get out every afternoon, but every afternoon that can get out I go by to get a drink, cherry dp, just so I can have the ice for the rest of the day ;)

    Nice to find you!!

    Come visit me over on my blog ;)

  10. I'm now convinced my food quirks come from growing up in Longview since your the only person who named off my funky food weirdness almost verbatim! Weird, but glad to know I'm not alone. I'm the worlds worst on the food association thing like your bagel/coffe, french fries/soda thing. I've got a whole list of those!
    I have lightened up over the years, but really believe that when life is less complicated I'll revert right back to my comfort zone.
    I do not have issues with shellfish, we differ there and there alone - all the rest, I so get!

  11. too funny. I don't think I have any quirks at all, especially food issues. I love all food any way any style any taste and all drinks too husband says i hang hangers the wrong way..which i don't understand since is there really a right way to hang something up?? i think thats his quirk not mine for thinking there is a right way to hang something up.. My husband and all my children are all quirky. cooking for them is a nightmare. they all hate everything and everything tastes weird to them and looks weird kids must get their odd behaviors from him.

  12. longview?? i love in gladewater!! i spend most of my time in longview!! ;)

  13. ok, i do *love* in gladewater, but i meant *live* !!!!! :D

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