Tuesday, May 10, 2011

One is Fun!

Our Benjamin bubbykins is one!  Okay, he will probably hate the bubbykins part in a few years, but right now I can say it as much as I want. And so I do.  On the day of his birthday he was cutting teeth and adjusting to life without a bottle.  So our little photo shoot had very mixed results.  He was happier on the day of his party. Hooray.


I am still in love with his very chubby baby hands.


He is very patient with the attention of his big sister (also a preview of his future old man face maybe).


He shares his birthday with our nephew, son of Travis's brother.  He is also a happy birthday boy.


And finally, cake.

Mmmm . . . cake

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  1. He is so adorable! I loved the pics! Happy Birthday to Benjamin!

  2. He is just yummy! Really a cute boy you've got there, my friend :) Happy birthday to him!!

  3. Awww! Happy Birthday, Ben!! Looks like he thoroughly enjoyed!!

  4. happy birthday

  5. Looks like he had a great party! Such a cutie. I'm a sucker for the chubby hands too... :D

  6. Happy Birthday! He is adorable. Few things in life are cuter than a one-year-old with a birthday cake.

  7. So precious! He looks like such a little man!

  8. oh, i love chubby baby fingers!!
    happy birthday to your sweet, sweet baby!

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