Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh what a night!

 I wrote this Wednesday, but had issues with pictures.  Events occurred Tuesday night.

Y'all, I had one crazy night last night.  It does not involve any adult beverage or illegal substances.  Instead, one of my favorite things in the world, Rangeres baseball, and one of my greatest fears, severe weather/tornadoes.

My dad, my brother, and two of my brother's friends from the seminary came into town in the afternoon so we could catch a game.  The weather forecast was pretty bad, but we remained hopeful that Arlington would be spared anything severe and with a willingness to endure a rain delay if needed.  When we arrived at the game around 6:30 or so, it was sunny and relatively clear.

Not too long after getting to the Ballpark I received an automated phone call for a severe thunderstorm warning for Denton, where we actually live.  I sent a text message to Travis to let him know about it and said a quick prayer for safety.  The game got started and things were looking pretty good for us.  I received another phone call for a tornado warning at home.  I sent a text to Travis to check on him, and didn't hear from him, and was a little worried.

At 8:00 we were told to move from our seats in the upper level to the lower level due to high winds.  I had seen lightning in the area while standing in line for food, so I was not totally surprised.  I finally heard from Travis that they had a tornado touch down at a high school a couple of  miles away.  My in-laws' house was hit, a bag of sand or soil was lifted and then dropped through the roof right over the bathtub they were about to seek cover in!  We are so grateful that they are okay. This was the sky around that time.

My dad and I decided to leave our seats and hang out under the cover of the upper levels, I wanted to stay dry and my dad wanted to avoid potential hail.  The rain was really coming down and then my brother and friends joined us.  We were all staying in touch with various people and checking weather apps and so on.  It is amazing that we were able to get messages out when you think about all the people using cell phones and the weather.  I took pictures of the sky over right field and left field.  It was very eerie.

Staying in touch with Travis I knew that Arlington was under warnings and that things were ramping up again at home.  Travis ended up making two more trips to the closet with the kids. Around 9:00 we had to go under the stadium itself, two levels below ground, for precautionary purposes.  It was very scary, but I also felt very safe with all that concrete above me and around me.  Eventually we went back up and waited around for more baseball.  The game resumed around 11:20 and we stayed for the whole thing, leaving around 1:30.  The Rangers lost, but it is definitely a game we won't forget.  It was my brother's friend's first ever major league game!  It was hard to be away from Travis and my kids with all the severe weather going on.  I'm so, so grateful that we are all okay.  And next time I guess I will believe the weather reports.

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  1. I am TERRIFIED of tornadoes, always have been. Idaho is the #2 least tornado state in the union, so I'm grateful to live here. Glad everyone is okay!

  2. Nicole (@NicoleLJ)3:47 PM

    WOW! Scary! Fun to read about though and such dramatic pics! Glad all is well!

  3. We were watching the radar on Tim's computer and it looked SO bad right over where our house used to be in Arlington. I as freaking out a little too since we have so many friends and family in that area. Glad you were all okay!

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