Monday, March 21, 2011

What to Say?

 I feel a need to post new content, but my writing well seems dry.  I'll have to investigate some writing prompts. 

Madeleine is sick again.  She was the first one to be sick a couple of weeks ago and it seems the illness has come back for a second round.  Also, she is unfortunate to be a person who gets nausea along with headaches, so she is extra miserable.  Poor girl.

I've exercised 80 days in a row!  I am still loving C25K for outdoor running.  I'm experimenting with my stride a little bit, trying to mimic a barefoot style while still wearing shoes.  Travis says I won't get it right with shoes on, but I don't want ugly feet.  I have some credit at RunOn so I think I will try some minimalist running shoes.
I failed to post pictures of Benjamin at 10 months old.  I don't think I even took any with the monkey.  I did take pictures of him on the 5th, just not posed.  Alas, being the sixth kid is such a bummer.  He continues to delight us with his cheerfulness and charm.  He has also decided he wants to eat food like the rest of us.  He demolished some beans for lunch today.  Looks like we are in the three baths a day stage of life.

I promise to write something of substance sometime this week. 

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  1. we have sickies too here but they are all getting better. I think i take lots of baby pics but its the older kids that I forget to take since they go to school most of the day and I only have so many hours with them. I have been making a point to take pics of each of them at least once a week. it is hard though.

  2. Sorry she's sick. And keep this pics of Benjamin coming. He's such a cutie.

    Great job on the exercising girl! I'm impressed!!


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