Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The State of Things

 I have several posts in my head.  Unfortunately that is where they have stayed.  Life is busy.  Life is messy.  We have challenges. 

I've managed to get in 30 minutes of exercise every day for 61 days in a row. I've lost four pounds. I suspect the loss would be greater if I didn't eat so much junk.  One thing at a time.

Lily turned 3 on Sunday.  We had a party. Pictures to come.

This unexpected absence from the blog and the internet in general is good.  I'm doing much thinking about how I spend my time and what changes to make.  I'm pretty certain that some of the challenges we are dealing with in regards to discipline and behavior issues can be resolved with simple solutions, if I would just get over myself. 

More to come.

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  1. I hear you. Things would go much more smoothly here if I would quit talking and start doing.

    And Happy Birthday to Lily! :)

  2. It's nice even when you just pop in. :-)


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