Wednesday, March 16, 2011


 I've worked out for at least 30 minutes every day for 74 days in a row.  There have been days when I am doing the Wii Step at 10:00 p.m. just to get it in, but I've done it.  So you would maybe think I had lost some weight.  I have.  Three stinking pounds.  Looks like I need to get serious about the food.  Which could be problematic, since I currently have a bag of candy eggs, a bag of mini peanut butter cups and a bag of Sour Patch Kids in my house.  Oops.

Having sick kids for over a week has kept me limited to working out at home.  I know my intensity has not been high enough.  I did start the Couch to 5K training program.  I rarely run outside so this is a great way to build my endurance away from the treadmill.  It is also frustrating.  I can do 3 miles in about 36 minutes on the treadmill, but only 2.3 in 30 minutes outside.  I just have a harder time with pace, so that is why I am using the training program.  The kids wanted to train with me but finding time for all of us to run has been difficult, especially since they have been sick.

So I feel sort of stuck, but not entirely.  I've made some progress.  I know that I can find time to exercise if I am really determined to do so.  I've accepted that it can't be all or nothing, that light exercise is better than complete laziness.  But I want to see more results.  I want to feel good in my bathing suit this summer.  So I'm going to start working harder. I hope.

I'm only getting online when the kids are sleeping, for Lent.  So my posts may become even more infrequent. Ugh.

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  1. I've been impressed with your consistency. 10 pm!? That's dedicated. I'm like you, the food is the hardest part. (Well, it's all hard for me actually. But with food, I can do really well one day, then the next day it's back to indulging. I can't be consistent, it seems.)

    anyway, hang in there, I'm with ya.

  2. A question, how much strength training do you do in your workouts? I've gotten the impression that you're a bit like me and prefer to do the cardio and are more lax about the strength training part. I know what you mean about the food weakness and I was thinking if you haven't been doing much strength training, maybe if you added some more to your routine, that may help without have to change your food much (at least until after the Easter candy's gone ;)


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