Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What I Wore Wednesday: Nicole and Lily

 I'm finally joining in one of my favorite "carnivals."  I love looking at what other people have been wearing.  It gives me good ideas to liven up my wardrobe.  I finally started to remember to take some pictures so I could participate. Well, Travis took the pictures.  He has stopped wondering why blogging makes me do crazy things.  Lily wanted in on the fashion fun too, so I'll include what she is wearing.  I won't be participating every week because I don't have that much variety in my wardrobe, but when I do wear something different I'll post a picture.  I hope you have fun visiting some of the participating blogs.  Go to The Pleated Poppy for more WIWW posts (and to drool over her great shop).

blog photo 4

On Nicole: Sweater, sequined tank, skinny jeans--Old Navy, Boots--Born Original Concepts at Macy's, Necklace: Vintage Initial Charm from The Vintage Pearl, Ring on right hand: Shining Stones The Big Pearl

On Lily: Dress, black leggings, leg warmers, black shoes--Target
Where: Out of the house!  This was our first outing since all the snow and ice kept us housebound.  We went to lunch and the grocery store.

blog photo 3

On Nicole: Gray long-sleeve shirt, Steelers shirt--Old Navy, Jeans by Common Genes at JCPenney, Pink Converse One-Star shoes from Target, same jewelry
Where: Super Bowl party down the street.  Hooray for walking to the party! ;)

blog photo 2

On Lily: Shirt, skirt--Old Navy, Striped leggings, shoes--Target
Where: Gym

blog photo 1

On Nicole: White Cami, Lavender Shirred v-neck, Skinny Jeans--Old Navy, B.O.C. Boots from Macy's, Purple purse, sunglasses--Target, Right hand ring--Shining Stones
Where: Volunteering at the Book Fair at school

There you have it, the things I wore this week, or at the least the outfits I took pictures of.  You don't really need to see my lazy clothes!

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  1. So cute! You look fantastic!

    I would do this carnival too, except my pics would all be something like "I wore elasticized pants. Again." ;)

  2. I think I have that shining stones ring! And I LOVE it. Isn't that shop great?

  3. what a fun idea. I would wear your last outfit thats my style.

  4. lazy mom clothes sound like my kind of fashion!

  5. Love you're boots! You look great girl.

  6. You're so PRETTY!!! Love all of your pics.


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