Friday, February 04, 2011

Quick Takes Snow Edition

 I know that a major storm blew through the whole country.  I've seen the pictures from the blizzard in Chicago.  But, see, places like Chicago are prepared to handle this mess.  Large fleets of snowplows and sanding trucks and so on.  We do not have fleets here in North Texas.  We have trucks, but not enough.  So, today, day four of no school and with a fresh several inches of snow, I give you quick takes, snowed-in style.

1.  Let me start by singing the praises of streaming Netflix via the Wii.  Never have I been so grateful for technology.  It truly boggles my mind how this all works, but I don't need to know how it does work.  I really limited the amount of television and media consumption the first two snow days.  But then yesterday came and I threw in the towel.  We plugged in the Wii, went to Netflix, and started enjoying kid movies we had not yet seen.  Hooray!

2.  For personal reasons I am fasting on Thursdays for a few months.  So here are some things you should NOT do when you are fasting.  Don't make pumpkin bread and brownies in the days prior to a fast. Don't watch Top Chef while doing your step workout on the Wii Fit when you are fasting (especially when it is an episode featuring Italian cuisine).  Don't have your kids home for the third day in a row (and then get a phone call that school is closed on Friday too).  So, there you have it, things NOT to do when fasting.  I did have many opportunities to pray throughout the day and I did feel God's grace helping me be as nice as possible to my children and husband.

3.  I have not stepped foot outside (really!) since Monday night.  I have opened the door a few times and admired the snow, but I have not even put shoes on all week.  I have showered and put actual clothes on (for a few hours anyway) every day though.  Surprisingly, I'm not all that stir crazy.  I really, really hate cold, so being inside is quite fine with me.  Travis took the big boys and Madeleine to a UNT basketball game last night (it was free!) and Taylor went to a sleepover, so they got some entertainment and I got some quiet once Lily went to bed.  We'll see if we have basketball games tomorrow.

4.  My kids think this amount of snow is normal.  The last several years we have had at least one significant snowfall, and often more than one.  I grew up in East Texas and it did not do this every year.  I think we might need to get some real waterproof gear this year, so that they can really enjoy playing in the snow. We have fleece gloves and such and I worry that they get cold too fast and make them come inside sooner than they would like.  Also, people keep saying all this snow is proof that global warming is a myth.  It is my understanding that unusual weather patterns (cold and hot) are a part of overall warming, so let's just let the scientists figure that one out.  I'm not saying I agree with the idea that it is all due to people, just that snow is not proof of anything except that it is cold today.

5.  Apparently being snowed/iced in makes me want sugar. When I went to the store Monday (twice because I'm forgetful even with a list) I bought cake mix, caramel popcorn, sugary cereal, and so on.  I think I'm going to make chocolate chip cookies today.  Yikes!

6. Still going strong on my 100 Days Challenge, although the intensity is pretty low doing exercise at home.  I've done some cardio with OnDemand and some boxing with the Wii, but I need to somehow kick it up today, maybe.  I'll probably post a weight gain on Monday, but oh well.

7.  Not snow related, but pitchers and catchers report in 10 days!!!!!

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  1. really, like an honest-to-goodness FAST? You're brave!

    My kids, too, will need better winter gear next year, I've decided. Like, snow boots and pants. Ridiculous! I like your answer to the global warming talk. All it proves is, it's cold outside, today. HA!

  2. I really enjoyed your quick takes - we get hungry for sweets too so I'm making caramel popcorn today!

  3. This snow is crazy! And it's supposed to snow more this week! I think Texas is a little confused these days!

  4. netflix on demand is a gift from god on snow days!!! i totally agree :-) it kept me from (totally) losing my mind last week!

  5. I'm from Chicago and I will tell you this with certainty: snow is the enemy and going outside is overrated.


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