Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick Takes Happy

 Happy Friday friends!  Let me warn you that this post will be excessively cheerful and contain lots of exclamation points.  Read on if you please.

1.  The weather this week has been absolutely perfect!  The kids have been able to play outside every day.  I've done my workouts outside as much as possible.  It is as if God is making up for five snow days in a two week period by giving us spring-like temperatures for a week or more.  I can't tell you how much this improves my mood.  Winter and I are just not on good terms.

2.  Pitchers and catchers have reported to Spring Training! Baseball season has begun, or kind of begun.  Full squad reports tomorrow and workouts start on Monday.  The best part is the Rangers will be defending an American League Championship!  I still can't believe it, several months later.

3.  Lily is back on board with using the potty!  She has declared herself to be all done with diapers more than once, but the last two days she has actually stayed dry and told us when she needed to go.  And, today, she did her business in the potty (#2)!!  We're about to get a pay raise.

4.  Benjamin weighs 21 pounds!  I haven't had a baby this big since Taylor was a baby, and even she wasn't this big at this age I don't think.  To us he is huge, since our kids are usually way below average in size, but he is right at the 50th percentile. There must be some really big babies out there!  He is crawling now, not just rolling.  Still the happiest baby ever.  He laughed when the doctor put the tongue depressor in his mouth yesterday!

5. This springy weather makes me want to redecorate my house and revamp my wardrobe.  Too bad that costs money.  I am inspired to at least start doing some serious cleaning.  Travis wants to pay someone to do that, but I would rather use that money for fun decorative things.  So I must get on the ball with the cleaning.

6.  This fabulous weather makes me want to listen to music with the windows open and something cooking in the smoker or on the grill.  I need some summer music.  You know, music that just sounds like sitting on a porch with a cold drink.  I'm going to buy some tunes from Adele and Amos Lee (just saw him on The Early Show this morning and loved the music). What else should I get?

7.  True Grit is an excellent movie, with very poetic dialogue. Texas de Brazil is delicious and fancy and fun.  That sums up our anniversary date, thanks for all your kind words.

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  1. Katie went to the dr. this a.m. and she also weighs 21 lbs. HA HA! True Grit is good. That young lady cracked me up - she wasn't taking no for an answer. Glad you had a good anniversary date! :D

  2. mine is 19 but she is a girl. i think boys are a tad bigger. From the pics you posted he looks so chubby but not in a bad way in a very very very CUTE way. He's perfect.

    we signed up 3 of ours for baseball but I am wondering if its too much. I am considering backing out and just doing 1 in baseball. They never play the same place, time, days. 3 in baseball here means basically every day of your life until fall is occupied.

  3. 21 lbs!! Wowza! My Pickles is 23 lbs himself, and he's 16 mos! The baby rolls are terribly cute, so please continue to snap away pics of him and post all you like!


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