Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I Spoke Too Soon

 A couple of weeks ago I wrote that Lily was using the potty.  We had  more successes than accidents and I really thought we were leaving diapers behind us.  It appears as though that was wishful thinking.

I told people that finally her strong independent streak was paying off for us.  She was so determined and it was her choice and a bunch of other junk.  She is proving me wrong.  Her independent spirit means she goes on the potty when she wants to and goes all over herself the rest of the time.  She screams when I try to put her in a diaper, except at night.  So I'm doing even more laundry now.  It is so frustrating.  Travis makes her wear a diaper after an accident.  I go back and forth.  I want to encourage her independence.  I don't want to allow her to manipulate the situation.

If you ever think that I must have it all figured out because I have six kids, just come back and read this. 

I keep looking at pictures like this though, to remind me of how amazing she can be/is.  I do know that strong spirit will be an asset.  I can see it in her eyes now.

028--take two
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  1. Yeah...I was the smartest, most competent parent when I had just one. Each kid I add removes 1 level of competence :) She'll get there eventually!


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