Friday, December 17, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

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1.  I'm making a stocking stuffer for my kids.  Here is a preview picture, a full post will follow sometime next week probably.

2.  Speaking of baking, the Pioneer Woman posted a tutorial about frosting sugar cookies with flood icing.  It looks really cool so I am going to try it at some point.  I'm almost guaranteed to make a mess and probably get frustrated, so I'll be sure to write a post about that too.

3. Move every day in December has become move most days in December.  Our weekends have just been too busy and sick kids have kept me out of the gym. So I'm doing my best to stay on track but am not beating myself up about it.  I'm not into misery anyway.

4.  LCS (3 in February) is not having a stellar week.  She is sick-ish (just a cold) and so extra clingy and extra whiny. We are all suffering for it.  Also, she has taken up residence in our bed most nights and so my sleep is compromised.  She sleeps as close as possible to me, even if I am turned away from her.  Combined with BTS still waking at least once a night, my sleep is way less than ideal.  Something has got to give soon.

5.  I finished most of my Christmas shopping by last week.  I have just a couple of things to get but they are going to require actually going to the store. I managed to do a lot of my shopping online.  I am using ShopAtHome as much as possible, trying to earn a little bit of cash back.  If you click on the link and join I get a referral credit.  Check it out!

6.  How excited am I about the break from school?  Even though Husband has gotten up and done the morning routine several times this week I am still looking forward to two weeks with no alarm clock and no need to make breakfast and lunch at the same time.  I'm hopeful that the kids will be friendly and playful most of the time.  Last year our break was pretty awesome.  Husband was not working too much because he was preparing to move to a new office.  Also, not a lot of loans sold the weeks of Christmas and New Year's.  Anyway, we slowed down and spent time playing games and enjoying each other's company.  I am hopeful we can do that again this year, as much as possible.

7.  I have decided that if I get any money of Old Navy gift cards for Christmas I am going to get some skinny jeans.  I think I can actually pull off the jeans tucked into boots look.  I at least want to try. 

Happy Friday!
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  1. I have several comments.

    1. Love that you're going to try something new with the icing. You can get meringue powder in the cake section at your local hobby lobby or crafts store. It's used in cake icing to help maintain the stiffness of the decorations.

    2. getting ready to sign up for the shopathome link. I need all the help I can get.

    3. You can totally rock the skinny jean look! While my sis was visiting, we shopped for skinny jeans. I found some at Banana Republic for little $ and I am loving them! I only wish they were clean for our date night tonight! I have 2 sets of boots I wear with them tucked in, and they are hot!! : )

  2. If you do the flood icing stuff, I wanna come over! I loved that post, but I'm not sure if I'm brave enough to attempt it on my own!

  3. I want to try the icing too and you can totally rock the look.

  4. I am not skinny but am rocking the skinny jeans/tucked in boots look. I was amazed when I tried skinny jeans on. They actually looked okay on me once I found the right ones - Old Navy Diva. With as dedicated to exercise as you are, you'll have NO trouble!!


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