Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Oh my word. I have lost all motivation to do anything worthwhile. Blah. I don't know what is wrong with me. I don't feel like Shredding. Running is boring and a chore. But. But I like feeling thin. I like clear skin. But today that is not enough. I'm just stuck in a rut I guess.

This evening begins a run of days with lots going on. It is no wonder I forgot the tee ball game on Monday. I think it was a good thing, since we had tee ball and softball last night, meeting tonight, softball and meeting tomorrow night, dinner with friends Friday, 5K Saturday, wedding Saturday, head out of town Saturday, and somewhere in there I need to breathe. Plus kindergarten round-up (Buddy is going to school! Whoa!) and Field Day this week. Speaking of round-up, I need to get a shot record from the doctor. And I need to go to the library. Time to turn in books and find some new ones. Maybe with no wars. I've been reading lots of books with wars in them. I need a break from that.

I did read two non-fiction books in the last week. First I read Smashed, which is about a girl and her alcohol abuse from early teens to early 20s. Kind of alarming to read. Then I read Dead Man Walking which was thought-provoking and sad and hopeful all at the same time. So a good dose of fiction is definitely in order. Also, Husband started and finished a book! This is a rare event around here. He read Rome Sweet Home by Scott and Kimberly Hahn, which is an excellent book.

It is a gorgeous day here and I really want to go to the zoo. But not by myself with three kids. And there will probably be 8 million school kids there too. So we'll make do with playing in the backyard.

If you made it through this pile of random, you should get a medal. Or a cookie.
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  1. Sigh... I hear ya! I SO NEED to start exercising. I gained 5 lbs in the last 3 days. SRSLY. How does a person do that? I had been doing so well. I'm hopping back on the wagon today!

  2. Thank you for not saying "make due in the backyard." Heh.

  3. I'll take a cookie. Yum. ; )

    There's always a lot going on at thims time of year, isn't there!?

  4. I'm feeling the "busy" too and will be ready when all the end of year stuff is wrapped up! Sometimes I motivate myself to work out by saying "only 10 minutes" and usually once I've done 10 minutes I manage to find the desire to do more. Good luck and I hope you find some *spark* soon!!!

  5. Love Rome Sweet Home. I want a cookie :)

  6. I loved Rome Sweet Home too!

  7. Oh you know I'll be having that cookie - forget the medal ;)

    May is kicking my butt with busy-ness and I have lost all my motivation to exercise and eat healthy. All I want is ice cream which is not so helpful in the weight control dept.

    And I haven't read anything in ages. I think it's time I trucked myself over to the library as well.

  8. When I feel that drag in exercising, it usually means that I need a day's break. It can the body's way of telling you to take a break and don't feel guilty about it. :)

  9. I'm in a funk, too -- especially when it comes to exercise. I absolutely love running while I'm doing it and for the first few hours afterward but by the next day I've forgotten and have convinced myself that I actually hate it and should just stay home and surf the web. ;)


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