Friday, May 29, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

It is a good thing there are no minimum blogging requirements, because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't meet them lately.

1. Husband and I are facilitating Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University at our church right now. When we first agreed to do it, we planned to take turns attending the meeting, so that we would not have to get a sitter. But by happy chance we both went to the first meeting. And as I sat there and watched the video, I got excited all over again about getting our financial life in order. So we decided that we would both attend as often as possible. It is so important to be on the same page and of the same mind when trying to make the changes we are making. I'm so glad we are doing this again, as we had lost focus recently, when we need it most. I've decided that keeping our financial life in order and moving forward is similar to our spiritual life. It is not enough to maintain, we have to seek out ways to improve. So expect more posts about trying to be fiscally responsible and such.

2. Continuing in that vein, we had to change our cell phone plan recently. We were due for an upgrade on phones too. I won't lie--I really wanted a BlackBerry, or even an iPhone, but I knew those were not options. Even if we could buy the phone, we really couldn't spare the monthly fees. So I was hoping for the next best thing. Turns out even the next best thing was out of our price range. So we made a responsible decision and got two phones for what one of the others would have cost. All I need to do now is fill out the rebate forms (actually, one was filled out for me) and mail them in. I realized that what I wanted in a phone was stuff to play with, nothing that was essential. Being a grownup is not always fun, but I guess someone has to do it.

3. We had our last tee ball game last night! Yea! Now we only have two softball games to go, hopefully. The coach made some noise about a tournament, but I'm really hoping that doesn't work out. We need to be done with the sports for a while. We were going to try tennis this summer, but I think we will pass. We don't really have a lot of extra money, and I just don't want to do it. Butterfly has had her fill of attending practices and games for a while. Fall sports will start before we know it anyway. Speaking of which, Buddy wants to try football! I'm kind of nervous about that, even though I think it is maybe flag football at his age. He is just so small. I worry for him. We'll see if he changes his mind before sign-ups.

4. Remember how I said I was starting training for another half-marathon this week? Turns out I was lying. Looks like I'll be starting next week. Events conspired against me, plus my inherent laziness, and I did not start the program. I went to the gym once. I did some light cardio stuff in the driveway while the kids were riding bikes and "chalking," as they call it. In fact, I got Princess to run to the corner and back with me a few times, and then Princess and IndieGirl joined me for some work on the curb. It was fun. I think I'm going to try to figure out a way to get them running with me a bit, and do a fun run in the fall. It is not enough that I tell them about my exercise. I need to get them started now, so it is a natural part of life as they get older.

5. This weekend is the last weekend for the next month that we don't have something planned for at least one of the days/evenings. We thought we had plans tomorrow, but we don't, and I am glad. While I get easily bored and restless, there is a part of me that likes to know there is a long span of time in front of me with no concrete plans. I would love to go the Rangers game tomorrow, because Casting Crowns is playing before the game, but we will just have to watch the game from home. Our neighborhood pool is open now too, so after Husband mows we will probably spend some time in the water. The kids have been begging to go swimming and I just can't handle it on my own. And swimming in the evening makes for sleepy kids who go to bed with no fuss.

6. If you are looking for a fun baby or kid birthday gift, check out theNook. It is an Etsy shop that makes personalized t-shirts, onesies, and now super cute dresses. I bought a shirt for Butterfly and my friend's baby and love it. I also recently ordered a onesie for a gift for a friend. The customer service is great, the prices are very affordable, and they like repeat customers. I'm not writing about them because they asked me to or because I get anything out of it, I just think they are great. Really great. I was going to add a picture of Butterfly, but I'm too impatient for Blogger.

7. Finally, this is the definition of crashed, isn't it?

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  1. I hear you on the phone! We switched to Tracfone when we sent our oldest to preschool. It's been totally worth the $$ we save...but my $19.99 Tracfone is not the iPhone I dream of!

  2. 1. Love Dame Ramsey -- we've applied principles from his program, as well as a few we made up for our specific situation, and they have been working really well. I think you just feel better when you are a good steward of your money.

    2. Rob wants an iPhone and he found a refurbished one super cheap, but we are still on the fence. I think we'll just end up going with something like our old phones.

    3. Fiver is into running -- he is on his school's cross country team. His grade runs for a half mile, they are so cute :) I wish we had gotten started w/ sports for Francie a little earlier. She's not really that jazzed by sports.

    4. That picture is how I feel most nights!

  3. LOL! The pic is great! I wish I could crash like that. So jealous.

  4. Completely unrelated... I just saw on Twitter that you won a $100 Lands End gift card. Congrats, Lucky Lady!!!!

  5. Now why can't my ER crash like that? he's like the energizer bunny! Have a great weekend & I look forward to reading tidbits from your Ramsey course. I've heard lots of great things about him, but haven't explored it myself.

  6. We've not done D. Ramsey but have friend who have and love it too!
    Good luck on the marathon training, and hey tending to your family is much more important than the blog, your fans will still be here even if you don't post every day!

  7. Oh that is so the definition of crashed! Good luck with your training, I am in awe that you are ready to do another one. I haven't run in a week and half - back issues. I hope to get back to it but my goal is a 10k or so in Sept (a marathon relay with 10k legs).

    GO YOU!


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