Friday, May 15, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

Friday again! I love how dependable it is.

1. I am in a major blogging funk, as I'm sure you have noticed. I do have one post brewing in my head that might be a little more "writer-ly" of me than usual, if I can actually get it written. I think my life has just not been that different or interesting lately. Not that I ever thought it was all that interesting, but you know what I mean. We all have laundry to sort, fold and put away. Meals have to be cooked. So on and so forth.

2. I made a new dessert last night and was disappointed. It is chocolate truffle pie. The picture looked delicious, and I love chocolate, and it was an easy recipe to follow. But I don't have a very sophisticated palate and felt that it is a little too bitter for me. And I wanted more creaminess. I might make it again in the future, but add some Bailey's or Kahlua or something and see if that changes the taste.

3. Let's talk about more food! I'm going to make macaroni and cheese tonight for the first time ever. Well, from scratch for the first time ever. I know, I'm nearly 30 (cringe) and I have yet to make this dish on my own. I'm trying this recipe from Wondertime magazine. Which is an enjoyable magazine, a little bit different from the typical parenting magazine. I probably won't renew my subscription, but I have enjoyed it while I had it. We will be having hot dogs with this dish, because I don't have the mental capacity or energy to cook anything else while tackling my first effort at homemade mac and cheese. We'll watch baseball while eating it. Doesn't get more American than that, does it?

4. Food again! I have not forgotten that I long ago blogged about a desire to make my own apple pie. I still have the three or four magazines I bought with promising recipes for homemade apple pie. I love apple pie, but I am very particular about what I like. The crust is an essential part of a good pie. I have recipes that use pre-made crusts and crust from scratch. I will make the pies. And I will take pictures. I just haven't done it yet.

5. I'm on a roll with the food, so let's keep it going. Another dish I will definitely be making soon is Monkey Bread. How can you see this and not want to eat it? Not the least bit healthy, but it looks heavenly and I am all about heavenly breakfast food. The Pioneer Woman Cooks makes me salivate with the food pictures. I will definitely be buying her cookbook when it comes out. You should too.

6. Speaking of food and magazines (see #2, 3, and 4), I have a problem. I have a stack of magazines waiting to have recipes pulled out and put in my recipe notebook. But I need to streamline my notebook and eliminate the things I am apparently never going to make. And I really want all of my recipes to look the same, but I'm pretty sure that would be time consuming and potentially expensive (I'm pretty sure there are services that do this). I also have some Real Simple magazines with some ideasa that I want to keep. I kind of love that magazine lately. Anyone want to gift me a subscription?

7. FIRST PLACE TEXAS RANGERS! FIRST PLACE TEXAS RANGERS! It was necessary to put that in all caps because it has been a long time since we could say it with confidence. My team is playing like a top-notch baseball club lately. The come from behind wins are exciting, although I don't mind blowouts. Tonight they kick off a three game series against the dreaded Los Angeles Angels, which has been their kryptonite in the past. I'm confident that things will be different this time around though. This weekend will be full of good food, good friends (company coming for BBQ tomorrow) and hopefully good baseball.

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  1. That monkey bread photo post sent me on a serious eating binge yesterday afternoon. I'm with you! I've got to make that sometime, and soon!!

  2. Pie crusts are not hard to make from scratch. Have you made them before? I was very intimidated by making them until my MIL gave me her recipe. It's so freakin' easy, it's ridiculous! LMK if you want it. ;) GL! I've never made an apple pie before, so even more best wishes on that one! Can't wait to see it/hear how it turns out!

  3. Au contraire, your life IS very interesting! Everyone tells me they love the "every day" stuff on my blog, and now I'm telling YOU that. I love the every day. :)

    I want to make apple pie, too. AJ seems to have a need for me to make it -- he talked about it a lot during the winter. I think they were talking about it at school.

    I've never taken the time to check out Pioneer woman but I know I woudl love her. Maybe if I get some computer playtime this weekend. :)

  4. Well, you know I can't resist a good post about food :)

    Monkey bread = Heaven in a pan. That's all there is to it.

    Mac and cheese is so good when it's homemade, so good luck with dinner. If you want another recipe for M&C, I have a killer one that is easy.

    Apple pie = Heaven in a pan.
    And I also have a killer recipe for that too :)

    And the word verification for this comment spells "clog". Is Google trying to tell me something? Like about my arteries? :)

    Have a good weekend!

  5. GO RANGERS!!!!!!!

    And, ditto what el-e-e the "everyday"

  6. I can't get past the "I'm nearly 30"

    GAH. I am so old. Someone hand me my cane please.

    And I have the best pastry recipe ever! If you want it, let me know, I'll email it.

  7. Do you have the Betty Crocker Baking Book? The recipe for pie crust in there is excellent. You can email me if you need it.

    If you figure out a way to deal with your recipe clippings, let me know.

    And if you want them to all look the same, copy & paste them from the recipe website to Microsoft Word or whatever you use. Format as you wish. Then print out and keep in a binder. That's as easy as it's going to get. PLUS when the recipes get spilled on, you can print out a backup.

  8. Um, can I be part of that apple-pie making fest? Please? I promise to try them ALL! ; )


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