Friday, May 01, 2009

Quick Takes Friday

Hello there! I have been a lazy blogger again this week. I have some cute pictures, but am too lazy to upload them to the computer. Here are some lame, random thoughts.

1. Wedding season is upon us. We have three weddings to attend in the next two months. I'm happy about this because I enjoy weddings. But my immature side is having a little pity party. I'd like a new dress to wear, mainly because all of mine are too big (yes!). They are not huge or anything, just big enough that they don't fit exactly right. And I've worked hard to be this size and would like to reward myself. But I'm not going to do so right now, because that is not responsible. A wonderful friend loaned me some great dresses, but I'm not built like she is, so they didn't work. Anyway, yea for weddings, boo for no money.

2. I'm Shredding. I read about it in a about a million places in blog land. A great blog friend sent me her video because she needed a break. I've done three days in a row. So far, it is challenging but not torture. I think this is because I have been going to Boot Camp classes at the gym. The class is very similar to the video, just in a longer format. The video is a 22 minute workout, including two minutes of warm up and two minutes of cool down. So really it is an 18 minute workout. 3 circuits of strength (3 mins), cardio (2 mins) and abs (1 min). The first six minutes are the hardest for me. I'm still on level 1, you are supposed to move up every ten days. It is a great option for days when I can't make it to the gym. And I needed a new challenge.

3. Speaking of exercise, I have lost a lot of endurance since the race. I've only been running once a week since then, and it is a struggle to finish three miles! So frustrating! So I'm trying to convince myself to get back to running at least ten miles a week. I don't want all of my hard work to be for nothing.

4. People, it is the flu! So far, from all that I have read and seen, the H1N1 flu is no worse than the typical winter flu. If you are sick, go to the doctor, not to work. If your kids are sick, keep them home. I'm more than a little frustrated at what is being canceled. Tee ball has been canceled for the next week, which means the season will now last a week longer. I don't like that. I'm all about being cautious, but I think some people are freaking out a little too much. But maybe I'm wrong.

5. I just read this book called Lord of the Silver Bow. It is the first in a series about Troy. I didn't think I would like it, but I needed something to read. Turns out it was a great read. It is a new perspective on the Trojan War. A little bit of romance, a little bit of action, very entertaining. I'm definitely going to read more.

6. Speaking of reading, a friend asked how I have time to read a book in a day. That was an unusual circumstance, but I will share how I find time to read. First, I'm not very disciplined. I should be reading less and cleaning more. And playing with my kids more. I will say though, that having more kids actually helps. Mine are so close in age that they play together, so they need less of me. That gives me time to read. Also, I read any time I can. One of the reasons I don't mind getting in the pickup line early at school is because I get to read! I read when I'm eating lunch. I read when the kids are napping. Reading is one of my greatest pleasures, so I do it whenever possible. And as I said, sometimes I read too fast and don't remember what I read, so it is not always good.

7. Here's some sports talk. Go Mavs! Round 2 of the playoffs! Oh yeah! And the Rangers at least give us reason to hope every game. They might not win every time, but they at least have a chance.

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  1. UGH! I hear ya on the wanting to buy a dress. I saw so many cute dress but decided that I should spend my money on more responsible filters and brakes for the car.

  2. I am the same with reading, I find the time when I should most likely be doing other things but I LOVE to read. So I figure, it makes me happy then it might be a little bit of a good thing....

    I was talking to my trainer and she suggested I keep up by running 2-3 times a week and that one of them is a 10k. We'll see if I have the dedication or not!

  3. I read in the pick up line too or knit .. or just sit and do nothing and enjoy the quiet :)

  4. I totally agree with you on this whole flu thing. I'm so over it.

    And lately when I see the word "shred" I just think of cheese. If I don't weigh and extra 50 pounds at the end of this pregnancy it'll be a miracle...

  5. You know, I could be more disciplined about housework and I could play with the kids more and I could read LESS, but I am also showing my kids by example that it is possible--and wonderful--to get lost in a book. It's a great thing to share your love of reading with your children.

  6. I'm doing the shred too. It's a nightmare while it's going but it sure feels good after doesn't it? Still running too but it's killing my knees!

    And AMEN SISTA on the swine flu!

  7. hi nicole! thanks for stopping by my blog!
    i love reading too! and now that i have the little guys, it seems like my reading times are few and far between. and i do the same thing when i read, fast and furious. so then i am always wondering who this character is, or what event are they talking about now? crazy.
    anyway, nice to "meet" you!


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