Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Favorite Sound

I used to watch Inside the Actor's Studio fairly often. It was fun to think about what my answers would be for the questions at the end. I don't have a favorite curse word (I don't even say "h-e-you-know-what). But I sure do have a favorite sound.

Only now it has changed.

At one time, I would immediately say the sound of the crack of the bat hitting the ball was my favorite sound. And it still makes me smile. It speaks of summer and excitement and long nights watching my First Place Texas Rangers play baseball.

But now there is a new sound, a better sound. Only it might not be a sound so much as a lack of sound.

What is that sound?

The sound of my house when my children are sleeping. I probably like the nap time sound the most, with the night time sound coming in second. How can a house have a sound? And what does it have to do with children sleeping?

A house at rest is a unique place. Most days, my house at rest is not entirely quiet. Often there is a dishwasher or washing machine running. I might have the TV on quietly as an indulgence. When all the kids are home, they are not all sleeping at nap time. The girls are playing quietly in their room, where I might hear a teacher and her student, or two moms on a playdate. The boys are sleeping, but usually have to get settled first, so I might hear the sound of a stuffed animal tossed on the top bunk. Or maybe the sound of a book hitting the floor once it has been "read." Butterfly usually talks to herself a bit before falling asleep.

So it is more than one sound and at the same time no sound. I look around my house and I see the toys strewn about, making no sound at the time, but somehow echoing the sounds of laughter and sometimes squabbling that go with them. The dishwasher running or the dryer tumbling speaks of the life that is lived noisily and messily at other times of the day.

My quiet house is full of whispers of the abundant life within these walls.

So my favorite sound is the sound of life being lived, which you sometimes only hear when all is quiet.

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  1. I HEAR you!!! So true, so true!!!

  2. Oh yes, the sleepy time sounds are some of the best around here too!

    This was so good :)

  3. this is such a peaceful/calming post :)

  4. "My quiet house is full of whispers of the abundant life within these walls."

    That was nothing short of profound!

  5. Oh I love this. Especially the part about the toys echoing the sound of laughter. I know exactly what you mean. It is such a happy (lack of) sound. This post is definitely one you'll enjoy looking back on...

  6. You described it oh-so-well.... Awesome post!


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