Monday, September 08, 2008

Small Victories and New Goals

Hi there. Please excuse my lack of posting lately. I just have not had much to say. I still don't have much, but I couldn't stand the thought of not having any new posts four days in a row.

We tailgated this weekend. The Mean Green did not win the game. But, they won the second half. If we had only played the last 30 minutes we would have won. Our quarterback also did not throw any interceptions. That is two games in a row with no picks. As my title suggests, we are looking for the positive where we can.

Another small victory for me was surviving Boot Camp class today without puking. Our teacher was on a roll with the squats. We did over two hundred! When I came home I couldn't decide if I wanted to eat, sleep, or puke. I managed to choke down a granola bar and have definite plans for sleeping at some point today.

As for the new goal, I know myself. If I don't have something to motivate me I will slack off with the exercise. The classes are great for overall fitness, but I need something to keep me moving when it comes to cardio training. So I signed up for a marathon. Well, one leg of a marathon relay to be exact. I'm running the White Rock Relay in Dallas in December. I said I would do a six mile leg. I feel like I can do it. I had backed off on the pace/distance focus of my cardio workouts toward the end of the contest, so I have to get back on track. I can't believe I said I would run six miles. That is one hour of running without stopping. I must be crazy.

Oh yeah, Husband posted twice! In a row! On his blog!
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  1. Wow! 200 squats. My mind and thighs can even fathom doing that many.

  2. Go Mean Green! We never see those games out this direction, but I agree. If you can't win the game, you might as well celebrate the other victories along the way. UCLA's supposedly great new team under the supposedly great new coach (they are our rivals, so we are slightly sarcastic) threw FOUR interceptions in the first HALF.

    So yeah. No interceptions is good. :)


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