Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Not the Fashion Maven You Think I Am

Okay, so maybe I'm assuming quite a bit with that title. I don't really think most of you think of me as a fashion maven, but I like to pretend anyway. I've done some of my birthday shopping this week and it gave rise to a couple of things I thought worth mentioning on the blog. Or maybe I am just that tapped out when it comes to blog ideas. You decide.

One of my main purchase goals was at least one good pair of jeans. Many of my friends (real-life and virtual) have raved about Seven for all Mankind jeans. I trust that y'all know what you are talking about, but I just can't spend that much money on one pair of jeans. Buying them new would have eaten up my entire spending allowance. We do have a Plato's Closet that just opened, and I am planning to go there and see what they have on hand. I can stomach fifty bucks for a pair of jeans if they are as awesome as promised. However, that is not a store to visit with energetic boys and a baby in a stroller. There is just not room for all of us. So I have to visit them on my own later.

In the mean time, I checked out jeans at other stores. I tried on the Flirt style jean at Old Navy, but didn't love it enough to buy it. I headed to JCPenney next. Now, that used to be an "old-lady" store in my mind, but times have changed. Or I've grown up. Or perhaps both. Anyway, I have had success there many times. This visit was no different. I found a pair of jeans that I love. And I got them in a size smaller than the last time I bought jeans. Yea for exercise. They are by Common Genes and I really like them. They are a little long, even in my wedges, but not so long that I have to see a tailor. But, I will be on the hunt for a pair of jeans that can be worn with flats. Which is why I love the short option offered by many brands. Because I am short, and don't mind buying jeans that say so. But I might have to get some tailored, which I have never done before. Has anyone else? Any tips?

Now I must confess to a habit. I have a tendency to buy solid color shirts almost exclusively. Also, if I find a shirt in a style I like, I will buy it in several colors. So that means I am walking around wearing almost the same thing every day. Which is silly. I have more personality than that. But I just don't venture out of my comfort zone. My practicality takes over. So I resisted the temptation and bought just two shirts at JCPenney, although one was black and one was white. They are two different styles. Well, two different necklines anyway. And I will try hard not to go back and buy more in other colors. Today I bought more shirts at Target. They look a lot the same, but are at least in colors, not just white and black.

And then I bought more shirts. I don't know why I buy so many shirts. I guess because they obviously are useful to have. So I bought this one and this one at Old Navy. The butterfly print is my idea of trying something new and branching out. And it looks great with my new jeans. People tell me that the aqua color is really flattering on me, so I'm taking them at their word. I am really trying to restrain myself and not go back and buy the same shirt in several more colors/prints. Like the white one and the pink one.

I also bought a new handbag. I have debated buying it in my mind for a while now. I love my custom bag from Pink Lemonade Boutique, but I needed something bigger. Butterfly will soon be sporting a sippy cup and snacks. Monster will be potty training and I'll need a change of clothes for him. Plus, our lives have exploded into busy-ness and I must carry my planner with me now. So I needed a new bag. I really liked having one that was unique. But, I have been eyeing one at Target for weeks too. And it is a bit outside my norm. I got this one. Buying a blue bag is way outside of my normal pattern. I usually stick to brown and black. But I was feeling wild. Can you tell I live a fascinating and exciting life?

Since this is the longest blog post ever, I will leave my remaining purchases and questions for tomorrow. It will be a riveting saga involving jewelry and a skirt.
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  1. I tend to buy only solid shirts too. When I realized that last Spring I tried to branch out a little. Let's just say it's worked out somewhat...

  2. I do the same thing with shirts - it's like a uniform or something!

    And I love that blue bag. I may have to get one for myself :)

  3. I can't wait to lose my weight and be able to buy some new stuff! I really like the jeans and the new bag !

  4. Best way to reward your hard work is with a lot of clothes shopping! Well done!

    I'm like you - solids always. I've been trying to buy prints this summer and now have a collection of ...two. Ha.

    If I ever lose my next 5 pounds (which seems unlikely today, BOOOO) I can't wait to go shopping.

  5. I have way more shirts than pants also. Sounds like you've had fun shopping lately.

  6. Good for you! I will say that 7's are expensive, but I don't have to buy them every season. ; ) I've had the same 3 pairs that I've had for at least 4 years. So, it's an investment in your wardrobe, and your @ss will look great in them! :)

    Oh, and I buy the same shirts, too. I'm a walking add for JCrew V-necks. I've got 4 in different colors.

  7. YES! I have a tip. When hemming jeans, have them use the original hem. A good tailor will know what you mean. I have mine hemmed at the dry cleaners.

    Sounds like you had a great shopping excursion!


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