Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Not a Blessed Thing

That is what we are doing today. For the first time since school started, I don't have to run any errands today. I should go to the gym and get on the treadmill, but whatever. I'm just going to stay home and sit in my lazy clothes and read and sleep. Well, I do have to feed and nurture my children, but that will be low-key all the way. When Buddy asks what we are going to do today, I will happily tell him we are going to do nothing and that is okay. Sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to be lazy. To relax and unwind, so that we can approach the next day with a renewed mind and spirit.

It is a cloudy, potentially rainy day today too. Maybe I'll open some windows and let the outside in. I can imagine how relaxing the sound of the rain will be when it is nap time. Or not nap time, but rest time. Or not rest time, but quiet time. Do you see a theme to this day?

I might try to catch up on blog reading, but I might not. I have a good book to read and no obligations until school pickup and I intend to do as little as I wish. Y'all have a good day too.
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  1. I don't call it lazy at all, I call it recharging the battery!! Enjoy your day!


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