Thursday, September 04, 2008

More With the Clothes

Now that you have muddled through my first rambling post on shopping, I'm here to bring you more fun. I bet you were up all night wondering what else I bought and what I would have to say about it. And since I don't want to let you down, this post will also contain long sentences that might not make sense and more links than is really reasonable in one post. Aren't you glad you stopped by?

I'll start with my remaining clothing item purchase and some questions. I bought this brown skirt at Target. I tried it on, and put it in my purchase pile. But, by the time I left the dressing room I put it in the leave at the store pile. So I walk out of the fitting room area and through the clothes one more time, just to make sure I didn't miss anything. When I realized they only had one skirt in the size I needed, I decided to go back and get it. So now I have it. And I have a cute butterfly shirt to wear with it (remember the shirt from yesterday?). But I am not sure what shoes to wear with it. I have tall brown boots, and I am sure those would work, but I've never been super comfortable in the skirt and boot look. Or at least, not before. So what would you suggest, my fashionable friends? Send me your best ideas.

One item I did not purchase, but that is on my list, is a jacket. I definitely want a denim jacket, and Old Navy has some that are cute, I think. But I'm not sure what shape jacket I should buy. The Old Navy one is just your typical jean jacket. Since I wouldn't ever button it, it would probably be fine. I also want to buy some kind of khaki jacket. I have a chocolate brown blazer, and a black one, both corduroy. I need one that is lighter and also fits better. I tried this one on at JCPenney but did not buy it yet. What do you think? Should I get it? I know I would wear it with jeans and tops.

And finally, the jewelry issue. Just as I tend to stick to solid tops, I always wear silver jewelry. I just like it. So I have about a dozen pairs of earrings in silver. I have silver circles that are shiny and silver circles that are matte. I have silver balls with sparkles. I have silver crosses. I have a lot of silver. So I want to jazz things up a bit. Also, I would like to start wearing necklaces and bracelets more often. I like feeling like a girl. But Stacy and Clinton have taught me that accessories should not be too matchy-matchy. So I'm at a loss. I don't know how to match pieces with color and texture to other pieces. I bought a couple of things at Target yesterday and I can't find them online and I don't have the camera handy to show you. So this whole paragraph is a let down. Still, does anyone have any tips in this area. Are accessories your thing? Can you lead me down the path to accessory nirvana? If so, I will be happy to reciprocate with shoe advice, because I do love me some shoes and I love to talk about them.

Thanks for muddling through my fashion issues. I promise to take a break of at least a day before burdening you with my ineptitude again.

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  1. I love both jackets, and thanks for the tip - these are items I should also purchase this fall. (I think blazers, even corduroy and demin, look so smart and grown-up.) What about brown flats with the skirt, like the model on I haven't worn flats in ages (am short!) but it seems to be in.

    I have all silver jewelery, too. I want some of the looooong necklaces but don't know which one/s to get.

    I'm no help, mostly just "Yes. Mm-hmm! Me too!"

  2. Ok here's my 2 cents. Wear the brown skirt from Target with the jean jacket from Old Navy with a cream colored top and a piece of turquiose jewelry and some leopard print flats. Can you picture it? I think it would be CUTE! : )

  3. Good suggestion, Elaine!

    With that skirt I don't think the boots would be the best pairing. Stick with a ballet flat or a simple brown pump.

  4. Oh Nicole you are cracking me up. I can't wait to see what your wearing next week.

  5. I like both jackets, can't help you with the jewelry though all I ever wear are my hoops and my rings don't even fit me anymore and since the baby is at the whole yank everything I can get my hands on stage I never wear necklaces. Do you wear make up ? I'm with you on shoes I love them too!

  6. I happened to walk by a Dress Barn yesterday and I saw the cutest brown corduroy jacket (in the style of a jean jacket) and I thought of you. I used to think Dress Barn is for old ladies but lately I've found that they actually have some really cute pieces in there. Maybe check them out. :)


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