Friday, November 09, 2007

Why so Shallow?

I realize I have posted far too much fluff and such these last several days. I've been trying to figure out why that is. I don't have a lot of good reasons. One of the main ones would be that I am just not usually a deep, introspective person. Sharing my excitement (as silly as that may be) about great shoes or cute clothes for the kids is really what I'm thinking about when I post. Maybe my brain is just not capable of deep thought these days. Or maybe I'm too afraid to go deeper. I have this silly hesitation to say too much.

The truth is, life is fantastic right now. We are blessed in ways we cannot even articulate. Husband's job is going amazingly well, especially considering he sells mortgages and the housing market is less than stable right now. Our family is healthy. The kids are thriving (despite my lack of effort in that department). I feel great--pregnancy suits me. Yet, I hesitate to say too much, as if God would decide to take it all away just because I got too comfortable. He is not petty. If he chooses to change things, it will be because it is what we need to grow. So why do I not share my happiness? My contentment? I have no idea. I am content. We are at a point (for the next four months anyway) in our lives where our kids are old enough to do things and carry on conversations and interact with us in new ways. I think about my daily life and I can't complain. There is no deep thought to come here, just an acknowledgment that life is good.

So, thank God that I have the luxury of posting about new clothes and shoes and silly things like that. If I'm struck with insight, I will let you know. I know I should be spending more time giving praise for His love and protection. I'll work on that.


A funny saying from IndieGirl: All of the babies are in God's tummy before He decides who will get them and puts them in the mommies's tummies!


  1. Love what Indie girl had to say. To precious. I'm with you about sometimes worrying that if you comment on how content you are then something will happen. I don't know why just am.

  2. IndieGirls taking over the deep introspection for now! What a great thought!
    I worry the same way about sharing happiness and contentment, I'm always worried the bottom will drop out...crazy!

  3. Everything doesn't have to be deep all of the time! Just enjoy the fact that you can be light hearted and content right now because this is not always the case in life!

    You're so blessed that husband's job is going well. Mine is in the mortgage industry as you know and things are not going so well. He keeps telling me not to worry - I'm working on it. It's hard not to though when people at his company keep getting laid off left and right! Ugghhhh!!!

    So, enjoy the happy times! New baby is coming soon to your life as you know it least sleep as you know revel in it now!

  4. I am the same way - when I am the happiest and most content is also when I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop and am afraid to say TOO much about it. Silly. We should glory in the good times as much as we complain about the hard times. ;)

    I will work on it, too.

  5. I love love love the matching Christmas outfits. Where did you find them? I've been looking for Christmas clothes for LilyBaby and haven't been happy with anything. I'm so glad you are feeling wonderful and will be praying for your continued health with the MRI coming up.

  6. Kids say the cutest things! Where did you find those outfits? I love the boys shirts and vests! Too cute!

  7. i'm afraid i tend to be overly melancholic! God bless & glad you're all well..


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