Thursday, November 08, 2007

Over The Top?

I am not usually into cutesy, matchy-matchy type clothing for my kids. BUT. Christmas is a whole other story. Especially since I found dresses and shirts for the girls AND boys that match. Is it too much?

I did, however, temper the matching by adding sweaters for the boys.

Best of all, it was all on sale. Still, when you add in pants for the boys (which I have to continue looking for for Buddy due to his smallness) and black dress shoes, it is still not cheap. I just can't help it. I love to see them all dressed up, but in clothes that they can wear throughout the winter.

Fewer posts about clothes soon, promise.


  1. NO that is not too much - I love it!!!! And I LOVE sweater vests on boys :) You might have to post a holiday picture for us.

  2. While I absolutely love love love it, I have to admit to thinking of "How to lose a guy in 10 days" when I saw the outfits! Don't get me wrong, TOTALLY might copy you ;) Hugs!

  3. I'm with the ladies. I only attempt to match on Christmas and Easter. Usually the best I can do is keep it in the same color family. I may just have to go shopping now!

  4. I like it! And enjoy it while you can, won't be but a few more years that you can get them matching clothing. I have a 14 yr son that is man-sized and a baby boy, so the only matching they can do is by color. :)

  5. Matching outfits on Christmas and Easter is almost a required rite of passage for any family. Good for you!

    Last year my mother, Princess and I all ended up wearing burgundy velvet dresses. And everyone, including Honey had matching Christmas PJs from the Disney store. Princess loved it! I'm gonna continue doing it as long as she'll let me.

  6. Those are the most precious things I've ever seen! And the dress is so so so cute. I totally try to match all our kids for special occasions. If you're willing, you'll have to post pics of them all dressed up.

  7. Dzintra4:05 PM

    OK, Nicole, I'm pretty sure I have a hand-me-down from you in that same jumper, size 2! They are very cute, but you apparently have a thing for black and red plaid! If it didn't come from you, then it must have been from Kelly, who it wouldn't be surprising if you had the same tastes in girls' clothes! LOL!!!!


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