Thursday, November 29, 2007

No Sleep and It Is All Philippa Gregory's Fault

I have seen The Other Boelyn Girl mentioned on several reading lists. It has been featured prominently in the both the spring and fall reading challenges. A couple of weeks ago I was actually out of books to read. I was waiting on books from to arrive and I didn't feel like reading anything over again. I picked up the above book at Target, but then didn't get to reading it until this week (other books arrived in the mail and I wanted to read those first).

Well, I really should have read the Boelyn book over the Thanksgiving break, when Husband was around to let me sleep in and the consequences of late night reading would not be so severe. But, alas, I began the book this week instead. And I have not been to bed before midnight all week. And I'm paying for it. But, it was all worth it. I didn't realize how badly I needed a break from modern fiction. The book is about Henry VIII's court when he is still married to his first bride, Katherine of Aragon. I'm no history buff (at least not English history), but this book drew me right in. It reads like a soap opera, but in a good way. Told from the perspective of Mary Boelyn, the girl who initially is set forward to woo Henry while he is still married, it gives a portrayal of how Anne Boelyn ascended to the throne. It is full of jealousy, deception, debauchery and all those things that are not good. It is very entertaining. The broad outline of the story is true, but the actual details and plots and such are the author's ideas. I was not sure I would like this book, but I found I could not put it down. And apparently there will be a movie.

I have also been devouring Dennis Lehane's books. He wrote Mystic River and Gone, Baby, Gone and I read both. I have since read another and am waiting on 4 more to arrive. Although the books are classified as mysteries, they are much more than that. Great characters and thought-provoking scenarios.

I need to update my reading challenge list.


  1. oh, I adored The Other Boelyn Girl. Gregory has several other books in the same vein but I haven't managed to try them yet.

    I guess we'd better read while we can, eh? After February our quiet time might be cut short! Aah!

  2. Haven't read this one yet but it sounds good. I've been a bit challenged with reading lately though. To many other things keep taking up my reading time.

  3. I liked "The Other Boelyn Girl" very much. I've read several of her others as well, and they are all interesting -- though I think you started with one of the better ones.

    I miss the days of staying up way to late reading. :(

  4. Ooohhhh...this sounds right up my alley! I'm going to get it today for my upcoming hospital stay!


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