Friday, November 16, 2007

Caught Up in the Frenzy

I hate to admit it, but I have Christmas on the brain. Christmas shopping specifically. I would really like to have decided what we are buying for each of the kids, if I have not already purchased it, before Advent begins. I want to be able to focus on the important things, and not feel overwhelmed by the material stuff.

We have children of excess. They have all that they need and then some. We buy each child 3 gifts for Christmas, and I like to include one spiritual gift of some kind (a book, a Bible-themed puzzle, things like that). I have figured out what to get the boys, with more ideas than I need, so I have passed those on to my parents. I'm kind of stumped on the girls. I just can't put my practical side away and buy things that are frivolous, but that they really want. I need to work on that. We try to not place too much emphasis on the gift aspect of Christmas, but we do still like to give the kids gifts. So, any ideas would be welcome.

As for gifts for Husband and myself, we have pretty much already treated ourselves or will be doing so soon. Husband just bought digital recording equipment for an in-home studio and some accessories. He has wanted this stuff for years, so I'm happy he was able to get it for a good prize. And, he has finally agreed that I can have a Kitchenaid mixer. I have wanted one forever. The hand-held mixer just isn't getting it done for me anymore. I refuse to count appliances as gifts, but I can't justify asking for anything else big this Christmas when I'm getting what I really want now.

I don't want to be a slave to the gifting aspect of Christmas, but it feels like I am slipping into it anyway. Hopefully I can at least get it out of my system soon.


  1. It's so hard not to get caught up! Luckily the timing of the baby coming is forcing me to be really organized and proactive about gifts for this year. I made a detailed list and we've already gotten most of it. I think that has helped a lot and I'm hoping to have a much more relaxed holiday season because I'm not running around at the last minute feeling disorganized and buying stuff willy nilly! We'll see how that goes though - there are always those pesky last minute unexpected gifts that come up!

  2. They have these Prov. 31 dolls that might be appropriate. Or what about American dolls? Don't they come with books? Or . . . . what are those oven things that bake with a hot light? Dang it . . . It's on the tip of my tongue. Someone help me out.

  3. Great post on the struggle of wanting to have a spritually filled Christmas vs. the desire to also provide the wonder and charm through gifts.
    I also got a Kitchenaid Mixer one Christmas..Pete and his parents went in on it together and I LOVE it. You will be so glad you got one!

  4. We are starting something new this year...we are doing a want, a need and a surprise. THey are allowed to help with the need. This year we are doing suitcases for their need and they have each come up with a want. I am working on oldest boys want because at this point, it is Rock em sock em robots...which he will be bored with in like two I am doing some convincing on this one! :)

  5. Love the above comment - great idea! But... what I wanted to say was that I TOTALLY want a Kitchenaid mixer for this Christmas too. I just thought it was so funny that you do as well. Also, to show the kids charity (which you probably already do) don't forget to donate or deliver toys to the less fortunate children!

    Love your Blog!

  6. I like your themed gift thing. That's cool. I am almost done with my shopping. A few family members left, (we have a huge family!) and then I'm done!

    your recording equipment sounds cool!

  7. I am not in a frenzy this year. In fact, I am a little worried that I have ZERO Christmas spirit at all. I get mad when I hear the Christmas music playing already. I don't want to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I want them to be 2 separate holidays. I am a rebel, I know it. I know that we are doing a really simple Christmas this year. I am not buying any new decorations. I want to keep my time free to enjoy the fun things about the season like hayrides with hot cocoa, caroling, baking with my kids (but fun baking, not time squeezed frenzied baking). You will LOVE your mixer. Push for it. I got mine for Christmas several years ago, and I use it for everything from baking, to meatloaf.

  8. Love the "want, need, and surprise" idea!!

    Nicole, I SO feel your pain. We are trying to get away with a cheapie Christmas this year. I need to go take inventory. Last year we went crazy and ended up with so much crap. It was embarrassing. I don't want that to happen again!!

    As an aside, you will LOVE your Kitchen Aid. Couldn't live without mine.

  9. Ooh, a KitchenAid! That will make for some wonderful holiday treats which can be used to foster the "family" spirit of Christmas instead of the "presents" spirit, so Good Job on that one!

    I am instituting a "3-gift" rule for AJ this year, too. His grandparents go nuts (along with aunts, cousins, neighbors of grandparents, etc) - last year it was ridiculous. So this year I'm hoping we'll have things pared down slightly. It's hard to resist the WANTING, though. (I mean, *I* want to get him all kinds of fun things!)

    I have done about 1/4 of my shopping so far. Hope to get it all done ASAP, but not before T-giving. I'm like another commenter, I need them to be SEPARATE holidays. :)

  10. Hi Nicole. Did you give me the fashion question about the brown and black shoes? I am going to post it next week, I think. If you have time and want to send links of the shoes, that would be fun. If not, I'll post it as is! :-)



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