Monday, July 09, 2007

Is it possible?

Do you think it is possible for someone to already be feeling the tired part of the first trimester? I'm barely 3 weeks along, a point when a lot of people are just beginning to suspect they are pregnant. But this overwhelming exhaustion has to be coming from somewhere. Praise God that my boys are on similar nap schedules and my girls are able to entertain themselves in their room for a while every day. I am at least able to get some sleep. Of course, when I wake up I feel like a slug, so I don't know if the sleep is helping or not. This only highlights the need for me to get back on the treadmill. I obviously don't need to lose any weight at this point, but I do need to keep my energy up and build my strength. So no more excuses. The treadmill and I get reacquainted tomorrow.

In other news, I feel a great need to redecorate my girls' room. I have no idea if they are interested in it, but I sure am. Right now the walls are sunshine yellow with brightly colored flowers and butterflies painted on the wall about three feet up from the floor in a stripe around the room. They have wooden letters that spell their names painted in coordinating colors on the walls as well. It is the most decorated room in the house I suppose. But I'm ready for a change. I am seeing chocolate and pink and a pale blue (think Tiffany blue) or maybe sage green. Very sophisticated. Honestly, it is probably more what I want in my room, but I don't see husband going for it. I want to paint vertical stripes on one wall, maybe, with floral touches around the room. I can see it in my head, but I have no idea if I can pull it off. I have little artistic talent and I obviously have a house full of distractions, I mean kids. Still, it is something fun to think about. Does anyone know good websites for this kind of thing?

About Melaleuca. It is a company that is trying to provide consumers with safe, natural products for the home and family. They have a whole range of products from vitamins to cleaning supplies to makeup. For now, we are just starting out with the cleaning products. I just know that what we are currently using is not good for anyone. A home conversion kit is a kit that comes with all you need to clean your house with their products. Laundry detergent, fabric softener, glass cleaner, and so on. I'll certainly let y'all know what I think. I don't know that I will be a customer for all of their products, but this is a good start. It can also be an at-home business, but I am not pursuing that right now.

I am resuming work on Wednesday. For the summer session I am leading group study sessions for student athletes in both sections of government. It will be twice a week, but only lasts five weeks, so I can manage it. I will definitely have to make sure I exercise and get a nap in on those days though, if I hope to be any good. I told my boss I would be unavailable for the spring due to baby and he about fell out of his chair. It was entertaining.

Sorry for the randomness of my posts lately. It seems to be all I am capable of right now.


  1. I understand what you mean...I feel that way post-pardum.

  2. YES. It was my first symptom with R's pregnancy. Before I took the test, I was sleeping all the time and couldn't figure out why. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. For me the first trimester was the hardest because of the tiredness. It was one of the first symptoms that made me know for sure I was pregnant. I love the colors your thinking of but like you am challenged in the actual how to dept.

  4. Thank-you for the blog spam advice! Your a pro!

  5. The colors sound gorgeous. I wish I had ideas about decor. My den is in serious need of a re-do.

  6. Ok, I'm interested to know how this Melaleuca works out. My hubby mentioned some more organic type cleaners, but I immediately dismissed them as too expensive. Not that I don't want the do things better for us and the environment, but some things really are cost-prohibitive, for us at least.
    Where did you read the info about it being cheaper in the long run? I'd like to see what they have to say. The prices on the site don't look too out of sight, but I'd have to do some comparison shopping to see.

  7. With my first pregnancy I was tired long before I suspected that I was pregnant!

  8. I remember being so exhausted that I fell asleep every night on the couch at like 7pm.

    But I can barely remember that - and praying to the porcelain god every morning.

    I'm ready for number 2!! :)

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  10. I just had a thought about the tiredness. If it continues, get your iron levels tested. I had extremely low iron with my younger daughter and was consequently exhausted most of the time.


  11. When I was pregnant with my 6th child (over 40 years ago, lol) I was like a zombie the entire 9 months. Then

    after he was born, I woke up from the delivery a new person - all the fatigue was gone.

    I'll pray that you have a healthy pregnancy, a safe delivery, and a perfect baby.

    I linked here from another Catholic blog.


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