Monday, June 04, 2007


I have decided to enlighten any male readers who happen by this blog. What I have to say regarding shoes is not true for every woman, and is not all original thought (see In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner for a more eloquent piece on shoes and women), but I decided I needed to share it anyway. Perhaps some man is out there trying to grasp what shoes mean to his woman. Hopefully this helps.

Shoes are not just protection for our feet. They are not just to keep our feet clean and uncut. At least, not for a lot of women. You see, the right shoes can make a housewife feel like a princess. They can take a woman from feeling dowdy and plain to hip and confident in no time. Shoes dress up an outfit or make it more casual. One of the best things about shoes is that, by and large, they are not limited to certain size women. Clothes sometimes don't look good on all body shapes. Most shoes, however, look good on anyone. I know that is not always the case, but shoes are generally more versatile. A woman might feel like all of her clothes are boring and predictable, but adding a new shoe can make everything seem new again. I have a pair of heels that I just know are hot, and when I put them on, I walk a little taller and feel a lot better about how I look. Most women will find at least one pair of shoes that does it for them.

So the next time you hear a woman gushing over some shoes, don't laugh and tease. Let her have her fun and indulge her fancy (within reason anyway). You'll see a new woman, at least while those shoes are on her feet.


  1. mmmm . . . shoes . . . I enjoy them so . . . good post :)

  2. Love the shoes!!!


  3. Those are cute shoes. I am to the point in my life where comfort is more important to me than attractiveness of the shoe. I would not photograph my own legs and post them on my blog, either...I do not have very nice legs. I am thankful to the Almighty for bringing my hubby to me because he loves me no matter what shpae I am currently in. :)

    Be Blessed!


  4. This sums up my feelings about shoes so perfectly! Brilliant!


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