Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Bits and Pieces

Funny that my advice in the carnival mentioned posting regularly, isn't it? No? You don't see it as subtle sarcasm? Okay, then, I'll admit it. I really meant it, but I apparently don't think that it holds true for me. That's the beauty of having your own blog, right?

In the interest of posting regularly, here are some bits and pieces for your reading pleasure (or torture, as the case may be).

1) Swimming lessons are going well. Buddy didn't get in the big pool at all the first five days. Now he is willing to sit on the steps and put his face in the water. He still has a long way to go, but we have made major progress.

2) Speaking of progress, Buddy is also making strides in the potty department. He is fairly consistent, with prodding, at getting the wet business done on the potty. Not so much on the other part. We're still working on it.

3) My list of blogs I read is not altogether accurate right now. I read far more blogs than I have listed. I have just been too lazy to update. Perhaps I will work on that. Just like I am working on a new plan for peace in the Middle East. Because I have all the answers.

4) After a two-year hiatus, I think I am being called back into High School youth ministry at our parish. I know that I want to be doing more than I am doing now. This feels like the best place.

5) End-of-year dance recital coming up. We will be the proud owners of the most expensive dress-up clothes ever come Saturday evening when the recital is over. Pictures will follow.

That's it. Not a lot to offer, but I'm trying to live up to my own advice. Isn't there some quote or something about that?


  1. I'm going to also be working with the youth ministry in our parish and I'm really excited about it! I have 3 who will be participating next year and I'm eager to help out and enjoy this time with them and their friends!

  2. Hey wait a minute. I thought I had all the answers! ???

  3. I think you would be great at youth ministry. I also think your parish would benefit from your presence in the ministry.

    Also, fyi, I read your blog every day so having new material can be kind of nice... =)

  4. I love high school youth ministry. But the Destination Jesus (a big conference once/year) is about all I'm doing at the moment. I was thinking about getting back into it one of these days! The only problem is that it's on Sunday nights, and Sunday is really our only family day.... They're thinking about changing it to Thursday though.

  5. Glad for you that your getting into the youth ministry again. I think you'd be a good fit for it. Can't wait to see pictures of the dance recital and the pretty dress up clothes.

  6. "most expensive dress-up clothes ever" -- heehee! I know the feeling, that's why we put Older Girl in a dance class that was taught by dance majors at the local university. Not only were they graded on their teaching skills (ensuring upbeat teachers every week!), they had to make/procure the costumes for the recital. Talk about your win-win!!

  7. I wonder if there will be any unclaimed "dress-up clothes" laying around that need two sweet girls to dress up . . . .? ;) I, too, think you would be an awesome person to lead the youth. Yay, you! And YAY for progress in potty training. Now that VBS is over I have no excuse and I should really be encouraging our little girl to become potty trained.


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