Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I didn't make it today. I feel like I'm letting somebody down, although I don't know who that would be. I made two attempts to vote, but was unable to go through with it. You see, I had to take sick little monster to the doctor. A dear friend watched the other 3 kiddles for me, so that was nice. I thought I would vote on my way to the doctor's office. Well, the rest of TX may not vote, but those Precinct 120 people are avid participants. After standing in line for a few minutes I realized there was no way we would make it to the doctor on time if we stayed in line. Off we went. After going to the doctor, the radiology lab and the blood lab (more on that in a moment) I tried to vote again. Again long lines awaited me. I waited as long as I could, but had to leave to retrieve my children so that my friend could get hers from school. I could have returned to the voting site with all the kids and done my civic duty, but it was not going to work. So, I didn't vote and I am not happy about that.

So, sick little monster. He has had a fever for over 24 hours, but no other symptoms. He just didn't feel good. When a 14 month old wants to just sit in your lap, there is usually something wrong. He had a temperature of 103 at the office! Well, the doctor wanted to be sure it wasn't pneumonia, so we had to get a chest x-ray and a CBC (blood count). Oh, so hard on the mommy to do that. They had to stick the poor guy twice to get the blood and it was so sad. I felt like I tricked him. Happily, the results all came back normal. We appear to have a case of roseola on our hands and that is all. It is hard to have a sick one though. Breaks your heart and makes you tired all at once.

So, no voting and no exercising today. Not a good day here. But not as bad as some.


  1. Sorry you weren't able to vote. You should be proud of yourself for at least trying. It's great that you have a desire to vote. :)

    Wow! Sorry to hear about Monster! I'm gonna have to look up roseola. Poor guy! Hope he gets better soon!

  2. I did vote, but there weren't any lines when I went. At least you tried!! And I can guarantee that if I had 4 kids in tow I wouldn't have even attempted it!!

    Sorry about your little one being sick! My daughter got roseola when she was about 18 months...not a lot of fun, but much better than pneumonia! Hope all is better with you soon!

  3. Hope Monster is feeling better! Older Girl got roseola when she was three and it knocked her on her butt for a while. Super high fever followed by a lovely bright red rash all over. I really hate it when the babes are sick.


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