Thursday, November 09, 2006

An Ode to Friendship

No Thursday Thirteen for me this week. Instead I'm going to write a bit about how great my friends are. Not to brag or anything, just to get it out there in case they stop by sometime.

When God blessed us with these 4 kids in 4 years, He saw fit to give us some of the best friends we could ever hope to have. He knew that I would need some Godly women to lead me on my path to holiness, and boy do I have them. Women that model for me what it means to be a wife and mother in the eyes of the Church. Women that strengthen me and encourage me when I am feeling overwhelmed and undermotivated (is that a word?). Women and men that show me what a holy marriage is all about and who share their blessings with us. God also gave my O.H. many male friends to do the same. Friends that have been there with us when we were told our little Nutball might not live (which obviously was not the case) and that prayed with us and walked that difficult but ultimately beautiful journey with us. He has blessed us beyond measure and we can only pray that we will bring blessings to those we know as well. Blessed us so much that for some, we no longer call them friends, but instead call them family.

He also blessed me with an amazing group of women in college. Women that challenged and pushed me to examine who I was and what I was going to do with what God had given me. I'm so thankful that we are still in touch and we are still supporting and loving each other as we are taken in our different directions. Those women are the ones that prepared me to to be the woman I am today.

How did I find these friends? Largely, through the grace of God in service and participation. By saying Yes to God in some aspect, I was saying yes to these friendships, I just didn't know it at the time. There is value in friendships that are outside our comfort zone and our shared faith, and I treasure those friendships, but I firmly believe that seeking out and nurturing relationships with people who will encourage us to more fully become what God calls us to is the key to living my vocation fully.

So how about you? Do your friends know how much they mean to you? Have you thanked God for His servants that serve you?


  1. We, too, have been blessed to call you and your O.H. our friends! We hope to spend more time with you guys now that we're back in TX. :)

  2. We're having a very "friend"-ly weekend here ourselves and it is so nice to be around people who really care about you. In all the places we've lived with the Navy, God has given us friends to sub in for our families who were far away, and now that we are done with the military, we still keep in touch with those friends and rejoice in the new friends He has sent us.

  3. I love the friends I have who "sharpen" me "as iron sharpens iron"...who wants someone who just agrees with you all the time?

    Okay, those friends are nice too, but still...

    Enjoyed reading a little more about you!


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